Zelda Breath of the Wild: Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 9 walkthrough


Trial of the Sword: Trials Begin: Basement 8 It’s a lot easier with a bow and a handful of arrows. At this level of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildit is Master exams DLC, you attack some enemies with ranged attacks so it’s best to counter in the same way.

Cellar tour 9

the Octok to your right will notice you almost immediately and start spitting rocks in your direction. The quickest way to take him down is to use some quick arrows or a block with your shield to throw his projectile at him. There’s one too metal box Underwater right in front of you, which you can use instead.


Swim to the small ring of rocks in the front left corner of the room. Use Krionis Take the chest from there and open it another 10 arrows.

Stay on the left and head towards the large rock in the center of the room. Your goal here is to eliminate the others. Octok before bathrobe noticing it will only make each of them easier to deal with.


Keep shooting the Wizzrobe in the face until it falls to the ground, then hit it with anything within range. Be sure to enter yours lightning rod. If you haven’t already, destroy the metal box for everything inside. Now you can go upstairs.

Underground Facility 9 Weapons and Armor

Almost every underground floor in Trial of the Sword contains a mix of armor, weapons, and food that you must collect before leaving and use in later levels. That’s what you’ll find in this basement.

Underground Facility 9 Weapons and Armor
  • Lightning Rod (Wizzrobe)
Subway meal on the 9th floor
  • none
Treasure chest in the basement 9
  • 10 arrows (use Krionis in the left front corner)


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