Zelda Breath of the Wild star fragments: How to find them and what to use them for


star fragments They are one of the rarest and most difficult to find materials Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These shooting star pieces are the most valuable items in the game – they are worth as much as some dragon items. If you’re lucky enough to find them, you can use them for cooking, sell them, or give them to the Great Fae to upgrade some of the best armor in the game.

How to find Star Fragments

If you’re really lucky, you might come across a Star Fragment in a buried chest. But there’s no way to get everything you want or need.

There is no guaranteed way to find Star Shards, but you can improve your chances with a little work. And by work we mean sitting around doing nothing.

Shooting stars have their own inscrutable logic, but there seem to be some rules.

  • They appear at night (obviously), sometime between 9pm and 3am
  • They land somewhere in your line of sight; in other words, wherever you look when they appear. This means you can control where you land.
  • They can appear any night, but (anecdotally) they seem to appear more frequently during the full moon. (However, that was not our experience).

Therefore, to maximize your chances of seeing and then finding a shooting star, you need a location with a clear line of sight over a relatively open tract of land. The Shee Vaneer Shrine fits this bill perfectly and is easy to get to as it can be reached quickly. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the night.


Make a fire and sit on it until dark (that’s 9pm). Climb to the top of the peak where you have a good view of the sky and land below and choose a direction. Looking east toward Hateno Tower and the city works well here. wait now And wait. And probably wait a little longer.


If all goes well, you will eventually see a shooting star. Look where it lands, there will even be a nice yellow beacon. Use your reach to place a pin on (or as close as possible to) the star shard. You are in a bit of a hurry here as the Star Fragment disappears at 5am. Go to the nearest shrine or tower (remember, the terrain can slow you down significantly) and drink a speed-boosting elixir if you have one.


Now all you have to do is run to the crash site and collect your prize.

The final hurdle to overcome is physics. The Star Fragment is not subject to the laws of gravity until you approach it. This means it can stick to a cliff until you get close and then fall to the ground. This shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s something to consider.

However, if things don’t go as expected, which happened most often while we were experimenting with it, just wait again. Go back to your campfire and light it again. Sit back until it gets dark and repeat the process: choose a direction and wait. I hope you have better luck this time.

How to use Star Shards


You can sell a star shard for 300 rupees.

You can also cook with it. Adding it to a meal will increase the health you gain from eating it, but not by much. Cooking with a Star Shard is pretty much a waste of a super rare item.

The most important use is to improve armor and equipment. Things like antique armor and tiaras and hoop rings that you can buy in Gerudo Town require Star Fragments to fully upgrade them.

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