Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Trial of Thunder shrine quest, Toh Yahsa shrine and the Rubber Armor


How to get the Trial of Thunder shrine quest.

travel to Ridgeland Tower, northwest of Hyrule. The search for the Shrine of Trial of Thunder begins on Thunderwell, which is located right next to the tower. (This is the area with the giant flat plants.)

You will receive the upon arrival Thunder Trial Shrine Quest. You don’t have to talk to anyone or do anything else. All you have to do is get there.

How to complete the Thunder Trial Shrine quest and reveal the Toh Yahsa Shrine

Your goal is to move four nearby balls and make them fall into the correct bowls, but that’s harder than it sounds. There’s a thunderstorm in the area and it’s not going away, limiting your options. This is how you find each orb, knock them off their perches, and get them where they need to be.

  1. red ball. Look for the platform with the red ball (as shown in the gallery above). rise, use stasis into the ball and hit it in the direction of Thunderwell. When it lands on the board, pick it up and place it in the container in front of the pillar that has the same markings as the sphere.
  2. purple ball. The purple orb sits up in the open air. Thunderwell. Pick it up and put it in your bowl.
  3. green ball. while standing Thunderwell, look up and you will see a pillar topped with a green sphere. Hit the ball with an arrow and it will fall off its perch. Put it in your bowl.
  4. orange ball. while standing Thunderwell, scan the horizon for an orange orb sitting atop the pillar. (See image in gallery for reference.) Do the same as with the green ball – shoot it with an arrow. Between the pillar where the orange ball sat and Thunderwell, you will see a raised area of ​​the floor. Place the orange orb there, use stasis on the ball and (like you did with the red ball) hit it to make it fly Thunderwell. Climb on him (the easiest way is in the gallery above) and place him in his bowl.

When all the bullets are in their shells Toh Yahsa Shrine will come out of the earth.

How to solve the Toh Yahsa shrine and get the rubber armor

  1. The area you reach below is filled with large boulder cubes. break them all down remote controlled pumps reveal two treasure chests and a printing plate in the back of the bedroom.
  2. Under the platform you arrived on you will find an alcove. Inside, open the treasure chest for him rubber armor, which protects you from electrical damage. (That rubber armor It is part of a set that protects you from damage caused by lightning. You can find them rubber stockings at the Qukah Nata Shrine which is part of the shrine quest “Song of Storms”.
  3. Use magnesia On large metal buckettake it and hit it treasure chest the platform near the wall. open that treasure chest to the opal.
  4. Use it on the upper floor, just before your arrival magnesia On large metal bucket again and place it between the low platform and the area with stairs you can’t reach.
  5. Go to the cube and destroy the remaining three. stone blocks with a bomb.
  6. Use while standing on the platform where stone blocks once blocked your path magnesia at large metal bucket one last time. move it to the printing plate to the other side of the platform where you are standing. (It may be difficult or even impossible to see. Just try to guess where the middle is and let go. If you succeed, the door above will open.)
  7. Climb the ladder, meet To Yahsaand get yours spirit ball.
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