Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: To Quomo shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

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How to find To Quomo Shrine: To Quomo is located northwest of Hyrule in the Thread Tower region. It’s actually underground, in the Great Thread Skeleton area, but from there you’ll find the entrance to the southeast, near the eastern edge of North Thread’s summit. On the map, look for a small square of water near some trees. (Explore the gallery below for the exact location.)

How to get to To Quomo Shrine?

  1. Travel to the base of Hebra North Peak as shown above.
  2. Look for a wall with tall double doors that are closed.
  3. Head back down the hill, watching out for a small pool of water.
  4. Wear Krionis to create two blocks of ice sticking out of the water forming a bridge.
  5. Keep going up to find big snowballs.
  6. Throw one of the snowballs down the hill so that it rolls over the ice bridge you created and hits the doors, opening them.
  7. Go through the underground cave to find the entrance to the shrine.

How to solve the To Quomo Shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Enter the Sanctuary located in the basement. Hebra’s large skeleton Region.
  2. Go through the shrine to find a treasure chest that you can open royal claymore.
  3. Go to the exit, meet up with To Quomo and collect yours spirit orb.
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