Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Stolen Heirloom shrine quest walkthrough


There is a second shrine nearby Kakariko Village called Lakna Rokee Shrine. However, unlocking it requires a lot of work: completing a main missionfrom them side missions and a sanctuary quest. But that’s what we’re here for. (Fair warning: Depending on what you’ve already done and how good your inventory is, these quests can take a good hour or so.)

Find the Fairy Well side quest

when you first arrive Kakariko VillageYou will find the painter Pikango Working on a masterpiece by the pond in front of the main house. He will tell you about it big fairy fountain Directly next to it.

Talk to him and ask him to take you there. It takes you up the hill to the north side of town and beyond. Tal’oh Naeg digbut then he runs out of breath.

Proceed without him and take the fork to the left of the path. This will take you straight to big fairy fountain. If you go in carefully you can bend down and pick something up fairies the area around the source. (They will revive you when you die and restore hearts.)

Climb up and examine the pod-like structure in front of you. you have to pay 100 rupees really meet big fairy (but it’s worth it as she’s our favorite NPC at the moment). Breaking it out of its shell (seed?) allows you to upgrade your armor in exchange for some monster parts.

Take a picture of the fountain with yours before exiting camera Resume and show rune ability Pikango to complete your search.

Steal co-op side mission

Your next task is to complete the Steal co-op side missionand pick it up giftone of the guards outside impaHometown. If you watch him for a while he will start running up the hill to his chicken coop and panic.

It seems that some of his precious cuckoos didn’t make it home and it’s up to you to find them. There are seven that you need to find and bring back into co-op (or throw away, which is pretty satisfying). In no particular order you will find them:

  • Next Pikango and the pond with the statue of the goddess
  • on the roof of clothing store right in front of the cooperative del cado
  • In front of a shed next to a campfire a little further up the hill
  • On top of a shed in the northeast corner of town near the watermill
  • Inside Mellie’s plum garden. If she stands guard, you won’t be able to catch her; wait for him to leave (or sit by the fire until dark).
  • In a shed south of town
  • By the apple tree south of Tal’oh Naeg Shrine in the north of the city

Some of these descriptions are not very good, but they are the best description we can give. Take a look at the gallery above to see the map locations for each of the cuckoos.

When you’ve got all the cuckoos back in the stable, have a chat gift again to complete the quest (and a 50 rupees reward).

About the Firefly’s Light side quest

The third step to unlock the Lakna Rokee Shrine It’s actually quite simple: you just have to fill in the form About the Firefly’s Light side quest. You will pick up this quest by visiting lasli at his house at night (sounded less creepy in our minds). She will tell you how much she misses catching fireflies.

Your task is to bring him the fireflies, five of them to be precise. If you’re lucky (or a collector like us), you might already have the fireflies in your inventory. If not, go back outside and dismount. There are usually some in front of your house at night. (You can also occasionally buy them from Beetle.)

Once you have (at least) five, select the fireflies from your inventory, hold five, and then bring them to your house. She will reward you with another. 50 rupees. (And before you go, hop into your room and collect all those fireflies because catching them in the wild is such a hassle.)

The Shrine Quest of the Stolen Legacy

Once you complete these three quests, something new will happen the next time you talk to the guards across the street. impaHometown. It seems that a thief came in the night and stole a valuable artifact Paid out.

Repeat the rest of the conversations and spend the day with them Paid out (She is the other woman in Impa’s house). Nothing to do here, but that sets the time for the end. sanctuary quest.

set once Paid out in bed (why do half of these quests have to do with strange women visiting at night?), get out and hang out by the fire and Pikango. Sitting by the fire until dark. When you get up, you have to wait a few more seconds, but before it gets too much (at 10:00 p.m.), Dorian he will leave his post and go up the hill.

Give him a head start and then follow him up the hill. Keep Your Distance: Now would be a good time to consume a meal or elixir that promotes camouflage. Don’t get too close or Dorian will notice you and ruin everything.

Dorian will continue to climb the hill afterwards Tal’oh Naeg Shrine. You continue into the forest on the same path you followed to find the big fairy fountain. However, it will take the right branch at the fork. He continues to follow you from afar.

When he crosses the bridge, let him be a bit in front of you (he seemed to be able to hear us much better if we followed them on the bridge) and save your game. Spoiler alert: a very uphill battle is ahead and you don’t want to have to repeat this long, slow march.

Once Dorian crosses the bridge, it’s up to you to cross it. This will trigger a cutscene leading to a fight with a Idiot Yiga.

Here’s the thing: This guy is tough. Super Tough: He can easily drain five health cores in one hit. First, we quickly approach with a two-handed weapon. This allowed us to not land a single hit and almost die twice in thirty seconds. don’t be like us

If you’re good with a shield and these advanced combat techniques, and have a good one-handed weapon, we wish you the best of luck. You are a better person than us. Here’s how we go about it: Shoot down any elemental arrows you have while you’re out of range of that terrible blade. We shot it down at five fire arrows and something bomb darts.

After the fight that Idiot Yiga will drop them legacy, and you will have a long talk with Dorian. In the end, your job is just to collect them legacy and place it on the pedestal of the sanctuary. You can take those too windbreaka powerful sword that asshole Yiga dropped after his defeat.

Lakna Rokee Shrine

After all this work, the inside of Lakna Rokee Shrine it’s pretty easy. Come in, take the very nice edge of duality the sword from your chest and pick up yours spirit ball.

Addendum: a depressing observation

when you ran Kakariko Village for a while you’ve probably met a little boy by the name cottla. He runs everywhere looking for his mother who is hiding.

if you were careful DorianYou will recall that he mentioned that he had met a woman and that they had two children. He also mentioned that he wanted to protect his children, koko Y cottla.

And he also said that the yiga He took his wife’s life to punish him for leaving the clan.

So… Mama’s not hiding. And here someone is cutting onions.

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