Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Crowned Beast shrine quest (Mezza Lo shrine) walkthrough


How to find the quest “Shrine of the Crowned Beast” (Mezza-Lo Shrine)

The search for the shrine of the crowned beast (which reveals Mezza Lo Shrine) begins southeast of Lanayru Tower. (Can you paragliding directly to the target). Seek a house (or just follow the sound of your accordion). Talk to him and he will sing you a song with some clues:

An animal wearing a crown of bones
Riding through the lush green.
mount the beast on his throne,
For only then will the sanctuary be seen.

This means you have to search the area around Kass for one deer (a large deer with antlers). Sneak up on him (stealth armor and stealth food and elixirs come in handy here) and mount him like you would a horse. Once on it, press L to calm the deer and drag it onto the orange platform near Kass. (You can see it all in the gallery above.)

How to solve Mezza Lo’s shrine and find his treasure chests

  1. Go to the end of the ramp near the laser and throw stasis about the mechanism that produces being. If it is hidden (or you manually end it), the stone block If you stop, it will move.
  2. When you’re on the stone block near where you came in, shoot those change with a The arrow to turn the stone block over again. (These posts are all in the gallery above.)
  3. Move the stone block until you are on a platform with a treasure chest with a Thunderblade (superior durability).
  4. continue to use stasis in the last control mechanism until visiting all platforms.
  5. Move the platform to access the exit, find yourself mezza loand get yours spirit ball.
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