Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Ancient Rito Song shrine quest (Bareeda Naag shrine) location, treasure and puzzle solutions


How to get the Elder Rito song shrine quest

is one of the few breath of the wild Shrines to have one requirement: you must defeat the divine beast Vah Medoh before you can start this shrine quest.

After that, go up the wooden spiral staircase rite village. Looking for a purple Rito woman Bedoliwho will give you Search for the old Rito Song shrine. Although it’s optional, it’s also easy to talk to your sister, Lisato complete the indices. Since she’s in the booth next door, so could you.

Doing these two things will give you the lyrics of Rito’s old song:

pride of rite, pillar in heaven,
his heart lights up when the sun is high.
The heart now shines all on a path
But a warm flame can touch your soul.

The letter tells you what to do: wait for the sun to reach a certain level and use a flame. Time will tell Bareda Naag Shrine.

It’s located south of Rito Village, so just jump off a high platform in the area and Paragliding in the south (Use your compass to orient yourself) until you are on solid ground. (See the galleries above and below for the exact location.) Search around and you’ll spot a circular platform that opens the shrine.

Next, look towards the town of Rito until you see part of an imposing rock formation forming a heart. That’s what the song was about.

The key is to wait for the right moment (around 12:35pm) and then use a weapon on the platform. (We’ve heard every gun works, but we only got them to work when shooting, well, fire arrows in the center of the platform at this time.) If necessary, light a fire with flint Y drink, rest until noon and get your work done. (You can even use fire to light an ordinary arrow.) That will do Bareda Naag Shrine Appear.

Bareeda Naag shrine location, treasure chests and riddle solutions

Inside Bareda Naag Shrine, there are two puzzles, one required and one optional, but both work the same way. You must provide one Round remote controlled pump inside canyon and shoot when the path is clear so that the projectile hits them objective on the back wall.

The first cannon opens the exit door. Before exiting the room, turn left (when facing the canyon) and use a remote controlled bomb to smash the rock. Inside you will find one treasure chest with a Quick shot with a Falcon Bow.

If you go through the open door and move on Bareda NaagYou can find them second cannon, which has more moving targets. Get it right and you will find a treasure chest with a diamond (which makes the second gun worth it).

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