Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Kam Urog shrine (Cursed Statue shrine quest) walkthrough and puzzle solutions


that Kam Urog Shrine is connected to the Cursed Statue Shrine Quest.

How to get the quest for the cursed statue shrine

You accept this side quest by speaking to physician caliber in his cabin on the east side of strong hate. (If you don’t see Calip at his house, sleep on the bed until morning, and he’ll show up.) He’ll tell you about an ancient text he’s working on, and you can follow him to his farm. (He will leave the house around 6:05 am)

The solution is much simpler than Calip’s puzzle implies: all you have to do is wait for nightfall (either well in advance or by making a campfire with wood and flint and the decision to wait until dark). Then all you have to do is shoot the statue with the glowing eyes.

How to solve the shrine of Kam Urog

Inside the Sanctuary, things are a bit more difficult.

  1. Go down the ramp and up to the spinning room entrance. We’d call it the simulator in a dryer, but we don’t want the cool babies reading this to think that it’s okay to play in dryers.
  2. avoid them prickly ballsand walk toward the center of the spinning drum. Let the lightning catch you and pull you up and around.
  3. When the angle is low enough that you can lift the beam, do so and jump on it. gear in the middle of the drum.
  4. Wait here on your own carousel until you see a treasure chest pass in front. Climb onto the treasure chest’s platform when it’s about horizontal and slowly make your way down the Inception hallway until you and the chest are standing upright and you can open it to pick up a spear soldier with long Start the update.
  5. Carefully walk around the chest platform as it rotates until it is upside down and turns into a ladder.
  6. Before heading up the stairs, drop down and use your glider to hover below your target. You will find one there treasure chest with a opal.
  7. Watch everything spin in the center and wait for the first treasure chest to appear again. Jump on it and go around it again until it turns into a ladder.
  8. Go up the stairs, turn left and claim yours spirit orb.
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