Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Hylian Homeowner side quest


breath of the wildThe Hylian Homeowner side quest starts in Hateno people. On a bridge behind the Myham Agana Shrine you will find three construction workers: Baggins, automobile Y hudson – Hanging out in a rundown house. Talking to them triggers the events of two quests. This guide is about how to get a house for Link and the benefits of becoming a homeowner.

Hylian Owner Part 1: Meet Bolson and buy the house

Talk to Baggins (that’s the guy with the pink headband behind the house) and buy the house 3,000 rupees Y 30 bundles of wood.

The purchase of the house also begins breath of the wildThe side quest From the Ground Up, a long and winding series of events surrounding it hudson the construction worker and his mission to build a city (from scratch) with your help.

If you don’t have the rupees, now is a good time to visit a local dealer and sell your gems: diamonds, topaz, rubies, amber, flint, whatever you have. Of course, you’re not limited to selling gems, so feel free to download some of the horns, claws, hooves, monster parts, and even food and elixirs you’re carrying around. You can always kill more enemies and cook more food to fill up your supply.

There are also plenty of trees around Hateno Village, so start chopping to gather their wood as needed.

Hylian Owner Part 2: Setting up your home


Once you become the actual owner of Hylian, you still need to set up your home. Baggins can also help you in this area.

Everything you buy will cost you 100 rupees and you have several options:

  • bed (1)
  • bow supports (3)
  • door (1)
  • flowers (1)
  • lighting (1)
  • bumper bracket (3)
  • characters (1)
  • trees (1)
  • Weapon Racks (2)

is 1400 rupees, all included (or 4,400 rupees if you also include the purchase of the house). Buying everything will complete the Hylian Homeowner side quest. It’s basic but expensive (and long because Bolson takes his time).

What you get for buying a house


Buy your house and its improvements and you will always have a place to sleep. That means you can restore your health for free. It’s also a great way to complement that Under a Red Moon Shrine Questwhat makes you wait a blood moon.

Buying all the mounts allows you to store bows, shields, and weapons that you’d rather not throw away. If you ever want them, go home and get them.

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