Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to find and tame the Lord of the Mountain


The best mount Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not a horse, it is a strange and noble creature known as satori or the lord of the mountain. This mount isn’t too hard to find, but it spawns infrequently and (seemingly) randomly. And it is very difficult to tame. It’s one of the fastest mounts in the game with the highest (infinite) stamina, so it’s worth it.




There is no side quest to find them lord of the mountainbut there is an NPC named Botrick it will point you in the right direction. You can find him on the street somewhere nearby suburban barn (near Rota Ooh Shrine).

He will tell you about a nearby place called Mount Satori. The closest shrine to your destination is Mogg Latan. It’s a good idea to unlock (at least) the fast travel location as soon as possible to save yourself trips later.

When to Search for the Lord of the Mountain


When the Lord of the Mountains appears is random or depends on it breath of the wildspecial kind of unfathomable logic, like the blood moon or shooting stars. But there is one very obvious sign that it’s time to look for it.

A prominent green glow appears at the top Mount Satori if the lord of the mountain is present. You can see it from afar, but you have a very clear line of sight from it central tower Looking west.

Satori It often (but not always) appears at night, although the glow is clearer and easier to notice at night. I like this Botrick mentioned that lord of the mountain he’s shy so he doesn’t show up when you’re around – that does suburban barn Y central tower good places to watch and wait.

But that doesn’t mean you have to wait and wait for it to show up. The lord of the mountain seems to appear by accident. You can wait in-game for a few days, or if you’re unlucky like us, you can wait in-game for several weeks. The best way to do this is to place a marker on the map so you can easily find it. Mount Satori, then go away to do something else. Check the mountain regularly at night while doing other things. That green glow is hard to miss.

What you need to tame the lord of the mountain


you domesticate Satori Just like you tame any other mount in the game: you sneak up on it, then calm it down until it stops walking away. that lord of the mountainHowever, he is very moody and grumpy.

You’re going to want your best stealth armor: the stealth set is an obvious and good choice here. But even in the mountains it is cold at night, so you have to find the balance between discretion and warmth. Our recommendation is to take it stealth set and drink a warming elixir (or eat a warming meal) – something like a spicy elixir or a spicy food. You can dress warm and drink a stealth elixir if you wish, but that really depends on you and your style.

You will also need a lot of energy to calm that down lord of the mountain low enough to mount it. In our experience, you need a lot more than two wheels full of resistance. You can maximize your stamina by swapping them out ghost balls at the goddess statues where you can eat or drink food that increases stamina. Just make sure you have enough as you only have a few photos to take Satori.

How to Tame the Lord of the Mountain


Now that you’re ready and the mountain is green, it’s time to meet up with the lord of the mountain. Go to the Mogg Latan Shrine and then west. Look for a path and tunnel through the mountain to the north. You will find an area with a cherry tree and a small pond. When Satori is present, the clearing will be full of Bluepees.


All that remains is to sneak up on the lord of the mountain and tame him. When you run out of energy and you get pushed up the hill onto the rocks. The lord of the mountain will reappear in no time and you have another chance.


As a mount, it is one of the fastest animals you can ride. And it has infinite resistance, so you’ll get there in no time. The problem is that you can’t store it in a stall and it will disappear if you take it apart for too long.

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