Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad DLC guide: EX Ancient Horse Rumors side quest (Ancient Horse Gear)


The Ballad of Champions Downloadable content for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild adds two new pieces of equipment for your horse companions. that old bridle Adds some spurs to your horse’s stamina when equipped. that old saddle allows you to call your horse to your side no matter where you are (and no matter where you left your horse).

This guide will walk you through each step of this side quest, from finding the Book of Rumors to finding the two pieces of equipment.

EX Ancient Horse Rumors

You will find a copy of Super Rumor Factory v3 inside Highland Barn South of Hyrule: The closest shrine to teleport is Ka’o Makagh. The book is on a table in the back right. Here you get two hints:

  • that old bridle It’s south of Hyrule Ridge, under a blossoming cherry tree on top of a mountain where the creatures congregate.
  • that old saddle is located at a mysterious spring where a horse spirit resides.

How to find the old bridle

The description of the location of the old bridle may sound familiar if you have researched the Lord of the Mountain. Go to the Mogg Latan Shrine and then north. Look for a narrow path that crosses the mountain. On the other side you see a small pond under a blooming cherry tree.

Activate yours magnesium to find an EX chest at the roots of the tree. Pull it up to get the old bridle.

How to find the old saddle

that old saddle It’s also in a place you may have visited before: the fountain of the horse god Malanya. From there Highland Barn (or Ka’o Makagh Shrine), follow the road west past Lake Haran, then take the next left. Cross the Bridge of the Horse God and soon you will arrive malanian spring. (While you’re here, you can revive any horses you’ve lost in your travels.)

Crouch between the Fairy Fountain and the wall on the left, then go to the back of the canyon. To let magnesium to lift the EX trunk off the ground in the left rear corner. that old saddle is inside.

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