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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It’s finally available for iOS and Android, but getting started is a bit confusing.

With all the language of the Harry Potter universe used to describe things, nothing is really explained without having an extensive knowledge of the world. Thankfully, we’re here to answer all of your questions about this new world.

How can I sign up?

Players can choose to create an account through Facebook or Google. Easy enough!

How can I customize my assistant?

You can’t customize the model you see on the outside world map, but you can customize a profile picture. You can use AR filters to take a selfie in a Hogwarts robe or maybe Hagrid’s hairdo. If you don’t want your face to be visible, you can also choose from some predefined icons and customize them with stickers.

What’s up with my name?

You can enter whatever you would like to be called as your first and last name. Your friend’s players will not see this information. It’s for immersion only, so Harry will address you by name instead of your gamertag. The middle name message you provide is what players can see when they add you as a friend.

Am I assigned to a house? How about a baguette test?

You can choose the house and wand you want. You can also change them at any time. No sorting hat or wand is required.

So many things happen. What am I doing?

Your task is to walk around and collect magical creatures, things or people who got into difficult situations in the muggle world. These are called accessibleand added to your registry. With a flick of your wand, you send them back into place.

I’ve run out of magic energy! how can i get more

You can only cast spells when you have spell energy, and failed spells count towards that. You can only have 75 spells and you can charge them up by paying more or visiting inns. hostels like Pokemon goPokéStops can be visited every five minutes and drop around five spells per visit.

What are trades? Which one should I choose?

From level six there are three professions to choose from. This adds an RPG-like element to the game as each profession has a unique skill tree. If you choose a profession that you don’t like, you can later change it entirely.

aurors They are DPS oriented and they do a lot of damage. magizoologists they are reservoirs or supports. They don’t do much damage but are necessary for any good team. The teachers They are a mix of both, forming a balanced damage and support class.

Each profession also has its own mentor. Aurors have Harry Potter, Magizoologists have Hagrid, and Professors have Minerva McGonagall.

You just said there is skill trees in this game?

Yes! It costs Scrolls and Spell Books to put points into skill trees. Unsurprisingly, skill trees improve your stats. You can check out a skill tree simulator for Aurors, Magizoologists, and teachers via Game Press.

Wait, why do I need combat stats and professions when I just wave my wand and throw things in the wizarding world?

You have to fight against enemy creatures. You must aim your wand, cast spells and defend yourself against the powerful beasts of the Harry Potter universe.

What about forts?

Fortresses are large castles that you see on the map. Players can compete alone or with other players.

Entering a Stronghold costs Runestones (depending on difficulty). Once inside, players will face increasingly difficult enemy encounters. When you’re in a stronghold with other players, it helps to have a variety of professions to ensure everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are covered.

Combat is similar to what you experience in the wild, requiring you to cast spells in different patterns while mirroring enemy spells. As you weaken, there are potions to supplement you.

When you clear a Stronghold, you get Foundables. These aren’t usually the ones you find in the wild, so you’ll have to fight.

What are the suitcases doing?

If you’re familiar with Pokémon Go, suitcases are basically eggs. If you have the key you can unlock the suitcase, then you have to walk a bit to unlock it completely.

Once unlocked, you will be teleported to another location using AR. Note that you must use AR to use the cases. From there, you need to tap glowing orbs to be rewarded with found items, items, and EXP.

Do I need keys for this?

Yes! Players still have a golden key that can be used indefinitely, but only on one suitcase at a time. Silver Keys disappear after a single use, but can be obtained or purchased during gameplay.

Do I have to keep my phone open or does it track my movements when the app is closed?

From now on, you need to keep your phone open. Niantic has added Adventure Sync, a system that allows you to track the distance traveled when your game is closed Pokemon goSo it might come in a future update.

I have so many different potions. When should I use them?

There are many different potions and they all vary differently. Some of them are used for battles and need to be cleared away when facing strong enemies or when in strongholds. Some others can increase the amount of XP you get from challenges or portkeys. There’s no point in hoarding too many potions because you can brew more.

How do I get more potions and items?

Items will appear around you and you can tap them to pick them up. You can then use these items to brew potions. The game tells you what you need and how long it takes to brew each potion.

You can also purchase potions with coins given to you for completing bounties, and can also be purchased directly for real money.

Update (June 21): We’ve added new information about Spell Energy and how to get more.

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