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Although there isn’t much you can customize Yakuza 6The protagonist of Kiryu (and why should you?), you choose the level of his skills in what order. The system you use to do this is familiar enough to anyone who’s played an RPG, but there’s a twist that makes it more confusing than it is.

As you would probably expect, you unlock improved stats and skills by gaining experience points (or EXP). Inside Yakuza 6However, those experience points fall into five categories, and each of the stats you unlock has a cost that comes from a combination of those five flavors: Strength, agility, Spirit, technically Y charm. Next, we’ll talk about the types of experience and how to get them, as well as the stats and skills you spend them on.

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The five categories of experience are Strength, agility, Spirit, technically Y charm. Broadly speaking, these categories boil down to hitting, dodging, health, wisdom, and charisma. Each task you complete, from a story mission to beating up street thugs to eating a snack, earns you experience points in a combination of these categories. Your experience will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen, or you can review it in the statistics menu on your phone.

The categories in which the experience is gained depend on the task. For example, meeting random thugs on the street gives you strength, agility, and spiritual experience, but no technique or charm. Giving someone a gift, on the other hand, gives you charm and technique, but not strength.

Earn XP

Pretty much everything you do Yakuza 6 In addition to walking, you get EXP. (And sometimes even walking earns you points when earning rewards.) These include:

  • Story Missions and Side Story Missions. The main way to earn EXP is through the main and side story missions. Main story missions give you a lot of EXP, while side story missions only give you a moderate amount. These EXP are usually distributed across all categories.
  • chance encounters. Kamurocho and Onomichi are teeming with roving gangs of street thugs. Every time you fight them, you gain EXP (mainly Strength and Agility).
  • problem. During the game you will get a new app on your phone called problem. The purpose of this app is to give you quick tasks to help people around town. These tasks are fast (but fun) but will reward you with EXP divided into all five categories (depending on the task).
  • meal. Every food and drink you consume earns you EXP. The EXP categories can be found in the item description. Eating or drinking fills your stomach, so you can only do it occasionally.
  • Reward. Rewards are like achievements (but they are not achievements). You earn them for example when you run a total of 5 km or falter five times. You can see the rewards you have earned and others available in Reward your phone’s menu.

Stats and Skills

Once you’ve accumulated experience points, it’s time to spend them. when you open it statistics menu on your phone you have four categories of stats and skills that you can unlock.



  • statistics. These are your base stats. You can increase your health (hit points), attack (hitting), defense (absorbing hits), dodge (dodging hits), and heat meter (supercharge hits). Spend your points here so that Kiryu is generally better prepared. Secure combat skills Y heat effect have a statistical requirement.
  • combat skills. Combat skills are basically sophisticated combat techniques. Everything from leap attacks to splash damage to specialized blocks fall into this group. Most of these skills require a lot technically EXP to unlock.
  • heat actions. As Kiryu fights, he fills up a special gauge that allows him to temporarily activate his attacks: the Heat Gauge. Unlocking these thermal actions expands the attacks and moves available during these charged moments.
  • other skills. Other skills are the Miscellaneous and Basic categories. Here you can unlock abilities that increase the rate at which you gain EXP in each category, the amount of EXP you gain from eating and the speed at which you digest it, increase your tolerance for alcohol, or make it easier for you to meet friends at the bar.

Stats and skills that matter

The first thing you need to know is that you end up with a lot of experience points even without actively looking for them, enough to unlock the vast majority of stats and skills late in the game. Yakuza 6. This means you don’t unlock or upgrade one skin at the expense of another. Deciding what to update is more a matter of priority than a zero-sum decision. These three are our best suggestions:

  • Start with your basic stats. You will use them all the time and you need to level them up to even unlock some of the combat skills. Try to keep them relatively even, though Health, Strength Y agility These are the skills you will use the most.
  • increase EXP gain (top of list of other skills). It simply means you earn points faster to unlock even more skills. We suggest prioritizing the experience categories that lag behind the others so that Kiryu is well balanced. These abilities get expensive as you level up, so you don’t have to max them out right away.
  • Always meImprove combat skills with combat skills. After increasing the base strength value, this is the way to improve Kiryu in battle. All of the skills in this category are useful, so buy as many of them as you can when you get the chance.
  • heat actions They are very distinctive, powerful and fun moves. But you can only use them if you activate Kiryus. extreme heat mode. Although the meter fills up relatively quickly and you use it a lot, it also empties quickly and opportunities to actually use it are rare. Although useful heat effect shouldn’t be your top priority when unlocking skills.

Everything else is honestly a bit optional. Cabaret Club, Friends in Bars and Clan Battles are totally optional activities. They usually have to work to find them (we didn’t even know the cabaret club existed until we finished the main story), and they take a long time. If you don’t plan on playing these optional minigames, don’t spend points on related skills: stimulate the growth of clan members, men to women Y The art of conversation at the bottom of the other skills list. Each of these skills has multiple levels. So avoiding them until you actually do those activities will free up a lot of points for other things.

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