XCOM: Chimera Squad City Map, District Unrest, and City Anarchy guide


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There are two halves XCOM: Chimera Squad: combat and administration. Combat is all about putting bullets in the bad guys (although it has its own nuances), while management is about time, resources, agents, and the mood of an entire town.

In this guide we will focus on map of the city where will you make it district riots, anarchic cityAnd you field teams.

District riots and city anarchy

XCOM: Chimera SquadThe city of 31 is divided into nine the neighborhoods. Each district has named its own health measure district riotsand these affect the general health of the city that is named anarchic city. The chevrons next to the district names and the large City Anarchy indicator in the top right show the current tier.


Two districts (in red) have maximum agitation. Use field team skills to reduce it if you can, or just focus on easier missions with better rewards.
Image: Firaxis Games/2K Games via Polygon

Districts get restless with each game day and their gauges fill up. If you don’t do anything to lower it, the meter will eventually fill up and the neighborhood will turn red to indicate you’ve reached maximum rush. In this case, each district with maximum unrest increases City Anarchy by one stripe at the end of a game day (later in the game this increases to two, then three stripes). If there are at most two districts, it increases by two, and so on. If City Anarchy is maxed out, you lose the game.

Throughout the game you will try to prevent a district from reaching maximum unrest to prevent city anarchy from increasing. When that’s not possible (and won’t be), he will try to keep the urge for town anarchy to a minimum.

Reduces district unrest and anarchy in the city.

The most direct way to reduce the unrest in the district is to complete it GoalsHomework Where scenarios – in this neighborhood. The negative number next to the fire icon in the tooltip tells you how much discomfort is reduced.

Your other option to reduce the unrest in the district is field teams (more on that below). Once you’ve deployed field teams around the city, you’ll have four field team capacity buttons at the bottom of your map of the city. At first, you can only use a few. They take time (two or three days in game) but allow you to reduce or freeze district unrest in a district. We’ll talk more about these abilities below.

City Anarchy’s reduction is more indirect and takes more time. To reduce city anarchy, you must complete a opinion poll (Stop any of the three factions through various missions and challenging battles) or use the Major Crimes Task Force field team capacity.

Field teams and field team skills

For the most part, field teams are just revenue streams—they make you make money Elerium, intelWhere credits every game week. Even more important to District Unrest and City Anarchy, however, are field teams field team skills.

The four buttons at the bottom of the city map control your field team’s four abilities. These are invaluable when dealing with riots. Some have prerequisites, so not all will be available at first. Hover over them to review their descriptions and see these requirements and effects.

  • monitoring. Reduce District Unrest in a District of your choice.
  • quarantine. Freeze district riots so they don’t escalate further.
  • Stand up. Increases rewards for completing situations (not quests).
  • Major Crimes Task Force. Reduces the city’s anarchy.

Field equipment update.


The confusing upgrade map starts at the top. Each upgrade unlocks perks one tier deeper and increases the rank of that gear.
Image: Firaxis Games/2K Games via Polygon

Once you have a field team in a district, don’t forget to level them up (if you have intel in reserve). Upgrading a field team earns that team more money, adds new perks, and unlocks new field team skills (specifically Dragnet and Major Crimes Task Force) and spec ops.

How to select missions and deal with district riots

Not every district has goals to achieve, and you don’t always have the skills of a field team at your disposal. It’s basically inevitable that the districts will reach maximum excitement and increase the anarchy of the city. That means you’ll have to decide where to focus Chimera Squad’s efforts.

As unrest increases in a district, the difficulty of missions in that district will increase. Tackling very difficult, high-octane missions right away isn’t always the best approach.

Take a look at all the options available to you and consider what you need. Every quest and situation has a reward, and sometimes that reward outweighs the reduction in unrest in the district. collect more Elerium, intelY credits It will better prepare you for battles. Missions that reward you with gear, especially epic (powerful) weapons, will make those very difficult Max Hustle missions more manageable.

When you see a district turn red, the gauge flashes and the fire icon appears, it becomes urgent and important. Don’t let this distract you or frighten you. Focus on your immediate needs so you’re better prepared and ready to fight when the need arises. Sometimes that means kicking up City Anarchy, but that’s okay. take your time and make way increased instead of undertaking impossible missions to avoid this.

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