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Wolfenstein: Young Blood gives you the opportunity to significantly improve and modify your weapons. The five standard weapons, the Kraftwork weapons, and even the heavy weapons dropped by Super Soldiers have five components to modify, and each of those five components has three marks to choose from. It gives you an overwhelming number of options to choose from.

Wise decisions about the upgrades and mods you equip give you huge bonuses to your weapon stats, so it’s important to understand how they work. In this guide you will learn how to increase the damage you deal to Nazis with your weapons.

There is no better weapon

You will often switch weapons throughout the game. young blood. You need to match the weapons with the enemy barriers as we discussed in our beginner’s guide. Some Kraftwork weapons are the only way to get through certain doors or into certain crates. Or you may run out of ammo and be forced to switch. Whatever the reason, you will never rely on just one weapon, and that makes it impossible to call one better than the other.

Added bonus damage before updates.

Before we get into upgrades and mods, there are two ways to increase your weapon’s damage without spending money or equipping anything extra.

  • player level. As you level up by earning XP, you gain an additional 2% damage bonus with each level. This adds up quickly: mid or late game when you hit level 35 you deal 170% damage from your starting point.
  • Weapon Mastery. Killing Nazis with a gun will advance you through Weapon Mastery levels and add additional damage bonuses. For example, after killing your first 40 Nazis with a gun, you level up to Weapon Tier 2, which adds 24% damage.

In any case, as you play, you’ll get stronger and get XP without doing anything extra. And the weapons you use the most also deal more damage just because you use them more often.

The other side of this is to remember to change the weapon you’re using so you don’t end up with an underpowered weapon.

weapon upgrades

There are five upgrades that can be added to any weapon: beneficiary, viewed, magazine, barrelY enter. As you progress through them, their effects on your weapon stats are displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Upgrades come from three brands, each associated with general categories of weapon stats: needle (precision), time (speed)Y direction (power).

Where these brands become important is branded bonds. Equipping any three tokens adds a token bonus in addition to all other bonuses and stat increases. For example, three bull upgrades add 10% more damage. You only need three to trigger the Brand Bonus, and there are five upgrade slots in total, so you can always mix and match those last two slots.

Weapon mods can make a big difference

Beyond stat upgrades and mark bonuses, some weapon upgrades add mods. These can be as simple as attaching a flashlight to the muzzle, or they can fundamentally change how a weapon behaves. For example, changing the Assault Rifle’s receiver (his heavy rifle) will change it from semi-auto to full-auto with a single shot.

Modifiers appear in the top right corner of the weapon upgrade menu and are listed under weapon stats in the main weapon menu.

You can change your changes at any time

Since mods and upgrades have such a profound impact on weapon behavior, it’s always a good idea to have options. Upgrades that make your shotgun faster aren’t as useful on the subway as adding a flashlight, for example. There is a lot of money to be found and made Wolfenstein: Young BloodSo buy as many weapon upgrades as you can afford.

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