Wolf Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

We have an amazing set of wolf coloring pages waiting for you, from simple and cute drawings to realistic wolf coloring pages, you will find them all! So fire up your printer, grab your child’s art supplies, and let them embark on a coloring adventure.

Wolf coloring pages to print

We have another set of forest animals for your kids – this time the students color in a great pack of wolf coloring pages. The set includes 30 different wolf designs available in our member library.

Wolf patterns range from simple to detailed coloring pages for older children.

Ready? Grab your art supplies and color them all. Need more? We have hundreds more coloring pages waiting for you.

When you’re done coloring, why not teach your kids how to draw a wolf themselves?

Need some presents first? Print ten free wolf coloring pages or become a member and get access to all 30 coloring pages. They are perfect for learning about the animals of the forest.

We hope your kids will love them all.

Cute wolf for coloring

Ready? Color this baby wolf and let your kids paint the name “WOLF” too. This wolf has just started learning how to howl and is doing his best. Have fun!

Howling wolf coloring pages

Can you imagine seeing a wolf standing on top of the cliff in the middle of the night roaring at the moon and stars surrounded by pine trees? This coloring page is great for little and big kids.

curious wolf

We think this wolf is up to something. He looks so happy, maybe he’s looking forward to some company and a hike in the woods. Color the page with your favorite pens.

Enjoy nature

What color is your favorite wolf? Wolves come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so grab these art supplies and color the whole page however you like.

Wolf coloring page

What an adorable baby wolf – he can be hungry waiting for his mother to come back from hunting. Have fun coloring this sitting little man.

rest on the ground

This wolf looks like he’s having fun. He lies quietly on the cold floor to escape from the daily heat. give him colors! We bet it will look great when you’re done.

keep a stone

Baby wolves are very active and we think one of them is playing with rocks. He gathered four of them and proudly guards the bunch. Have fun coloring the whole page.

howl at the moon

Wolves love to howl, and on a full moon they look even more majestic than they already are. Color this wolf drawing with your best pencils or markers and enjoy.

Wolf coloring page

This wolf coloring sheet is perfect for young children as it includes larger areas to color in and a simple design of an alpha wolf.

Realistic wolves for coloring

Isn’t it majestic? We believe wolves are fearless but very gentle animals. You stand so tall and proud. Let’s color this big wolf; We bet it will look great in any color you choose.

These coloring pages are perfect for passing out while you learn about the animals of the forest. We have prepared a preview of what awaits you in the set of wolf coloring pages.

Becoming our member gives you access to all wolves, a lot of educational content, various coloring pages and other materials.

lucky wolf

Ask your children to color this adorable wolf. She seems to love the great outdoors, and we’re betting she’ll look gorgeous after coloring her up.

coloring forest animals

These adorable woodland creatures love all kinds of food. This friend found an apple tree and we think he’s already eaten a few apples and is now taking a little nap. He leaves the last apple for someone else: color in the wolf, the tree with the apple, the grass and a lonely cloud in the background.

Baby wolf coloring page

Look how cute this baby wolf is! He looks so clumsy with his tiny teeth and thick mane. This coloring is perfect for kindergarten kids. Have fun coloring!

Sunbathing in the desert

Wolves like to expose their fur to the sun. Like many other animals, they love to be warmed up by the sun’s rays after a cold night. Take your pencils and color this page.

explore the forest

Exploring the forest is fun and full of surprises. This wolf decided to come out of its den to look for food. Color the page with your favorite coloring materials and have fun.

smiling wolf

How cute is he! This little wolf is waiting to be colored. Children can color it with black, brown, gray or any other marker.

Wolf coloring pages

Have fun and color another intrepid forest animal. You can choose the colors you like the most to color this wolf.

little Wolf

All baby animals are so cute, but they get even more majestic and cute as they get bigger. We all love them, so let your kids color this baby wolf in their favorite colors.

In the forest

What a cute wolf! This adult friend went for a walk in the forest. Maybe he’ll find food or make new friends, who knows. Have fun coloring.

Wolf jumps for coloring

Have you ever seen a wolf jump on its hind legs? This little guy jumps like never before. Maybe you play with your friends or just enjoy the nature.


What a beautiful sight: Two wolves guard their den. We think some baby wolves might be hiding in there. Have fun coloring the whole sheet.

Curious forest animal

Wolves love to chase small animals and when they do hunt they can sit for hours waiting for their turn. Have fun coloring this strange wolf drawing to color.

coloring forest animals

We have another cute wolf coloring page for your students. Use these pens and color the wolf, and don’t forget the background too.

Wolf coloring page

Need more easy wolf patterns to color in? This one has a great layout with lots of big areas to color in. Have fun!

Baby wolf showing tongue

These woodland creatures love to play and can be clumsy at times. The young wolf shows his tongue. We think he’s having fun, so we’re going to give him some bright colors to make him stand out against the background.

howling Wolf

can you howl like wolves We like to imitate different animals and try our best to make these exciting sounds. Let your kids color this howling wolf with their favorite coloring materials.

Realistic wolves for coloring

They are not afraid, they can grow and they love to play. The great gray wolf is one of the largest. Perhaps this is a moon wolf that leads and protects its pack. Have fun coloring this beautiful creature.

Cute wolf for coloring

Another howler: a young wolf practicing its voice to mark its territory. Have fun coloring this little guy and have fun using different colors.

dog sit

Wolves can be so calm and patient. Take your markers and color the entire wolf. We think it will look amazing in whatever color your kids choose.


Wolves are known to howl in the depths of the night. Howling is their tool to communicate with each other and to remind other wolves where their territory is. Enjoy this wolf coloring.

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Realistic wolves for coloring

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