Witcher 3 guide: Kaer Morhen Places of Power

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Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

while you explore the witcher 3‘s world, you will meet places of power. These magic stones temporarily increase Geralt’s intensity. Panel. You will also receive one skill point the first time you visit any place of power.

To use a place of power, approach the glowing stone and press the desired button. A quick press will give you the signal buff, but you’ll need to hold it for a few seconds to get your skill point on your first visit.

Below we have a map of the only power place in karmorhen.

Kaer Morhen Places of Power location map


Map of the places of power in Kaer Morhen.
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

Eventually, as you explore the world, return to Kaer Morhen in the far north-east of Warlock 3the map. Once the location of the power is marked as a question mark (with everything even remotely interesting), you’ll need to head north to reach it.

Use our map above to determine which of these question marks are places of power. We also label them signpost to facilitate Fast travel close to all

Visiting a Place of Power increases the associated mark for 30 minutes.

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