Winter Tree Finger Painting – Quick Art Project for Kids

Time to get creative with your fingers (and Q-tips)!

as simple as that Finger paint winter tree The activity is great for kids of all ages, but I think preschoolers and kindergarteners will enjoy it the most!

Q-tip snowflakes are also a fantastic fine motor skill exercise!


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When it’s too cold to play outside, this simple project will keep them busy for a while, and chances are you already have everything you need at home.

We love sharing winter craft ideas for kids, and we’re happy to share art ideas too!

This one is incredibly simple and can be modified to work with all ages, from toddlers to elementary school kids.

There’s more than one way to do this winter art project and it’s a great way for the classroom, the use of materials can be changed to suit different ages (we’ll share some tips and ideas later).

Finger paint winter tree

What do you need:

Ideally you will need a blue sheet of paper; You can use any color but blue paper really is the best for creating a winter wonderland.

You’ll also need a permanent marker to draw the tree (or you can have your kids make a handprint instead of drawing the tree), some white crayons, and a cotton swab to make the snowflakes.

Well, there are many other “painting materials” you can use to create this winter landscape… Kids can use sponge brushes (in the shape of a circle), stamps, cotton clothespins, pads, or a variety of other snow-making materials, but fingers will always win because it’s best to get dirty with your art.

If you’re longing for spring (or just don’t have colored paper), your kids can make a cherry blossom tree – we’re doing that next week!


More winter activities

When it’s warmer outside, be sure to bring some color into winter by painting little snowmen! If that’s not colorful enough, there are many other colorful winter activities that you can try with your kids!


Our winter art idea in action

Photos sent by Marie N., the little artists are from Malmö in Sweden





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