Winter Crafts for Kids to Make – Fun Art and Craft Ideas for All Ages

Sure, playing in the snow is fun, but there are days when you’re locked in and what better way to entertain yourself than with a nifty session.

We have many winter crafts for kids, from simple ideas perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to more complex crafts for older kids.

cute winter crafts for kids

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Winter crafts for children

Ready to get sneaky? You’ll find plenty of projects for all ages (some of us know you want to make your own too).

You can do all of these at home, and some of these winter crafts for kids are great for the classroom too.

When you think of winter crafts, snowmen, penguins, snowflakes and arctic animals always spring to mind, and we’ve covered most of them (and are adding new ones all the time!) with fun craft ideas and tutorials.

Paper snowflakes

How to make paper snowflakes

We’ll start with a fun paper snowflake game! You can create your own designs or use our templates to let your imagination run wild.

Learn how to make paper snowflakes.

The most adorable winter snowman doily craft

Cute Doily Snowman Craft

Do you have placemats? Make this adorable snowman doily. This is great as a quick, easy, and quick class project.

Turn strips of paper into a cute snowman

Easy snowman paper crafts for kids

Do you like crafting paper? This paper snowman is very easy to make.

It’s time to change

Swing paper plate snowman craft

We are so excited about our paper plate craft series and love making winter craft projects.

Check out how to make swinging snowmen

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Don’t limit yourself to snowmen, this paper scroll penguin is a must-have.

or a snowman

Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Or how about this paper scroll craft?

Easy Classroom Decor – Winter Hat Pattern Craft

Easy winter hat craft for kids

Need a simple classroom project? Do this winter hat.

Classic crafting staff

Snowflake Ornament - Christmas decorations that kids can make

There are so many different ways to decorate them!

A craft snowflake is another must-have project.

Cotton balls are a fun material for a winter art project.

Easy Cotton Ball Penguin Craft - Perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten

Cotton balls are perfect for winter. Just look at this penguin.

Snowman crafts with cotton balls for children

Or this snowman!

Swing with the penguins

Cute paper plate penguin crafts

Paper plate crafts are so much fun too, we made these standing penguins (so cute!)

Another paper plate snowman craft idea

Snowman Paper Plates

And this paper plate snowman is sparkling!

Build a snowman craft station

Make snowman for kids

You can also make wonderful crafts from cotton balls.

Winter owls are amazing.

Winter pineapple owl crafts for kids

How about snowy owls shaped like pineapples?

Winter Fingerprint Painting

Finger paint winter tree

We love this winter craft project, so easy to make and it looks so adorable.

Check out the Winter Tree Art Project.

These make a wonderful gift.

Snowman Free Printable Bookmarks

Let these DIY bookmarks keep your winter reading at bay!

Winter footprints or handprints make great keepsakes

Penguin footprint crafts for your kids

Do you need a nice souvenir? Make penguin footprints!

Turn socks into wonderful winter crafts.

Seamless sock, penguin crafts for kids

Another craft older kids will love: a no-sew sock penguin.

Seamless Sock Snowman Craft

Or a snowman.

Clothespins became snowmen

Snowman Craft Clothespin

Give your boring clothespins a winter makeover.

Preschool and preschool kids love craft paper collages.

Paper polar bear

Also make a polar bear or two.

This round penguin craft is absolutely wonderful too.

Older kids will love making this penguin paper toy.

Cute winter crafts for kids

Easy and fun winter crafts for kids

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