What level in Elden Ring should you be to beat Margit the Fell Omen?


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elden ring It has many challenging bosses, and the first one you’re likely to encounter is Margit the Fell Omen. Polygon’s guide to defeating Margit has tons of useful combat tips, but our guide and more elden ring Guide: An important piece of information is missing. What level do you have to be at to beat Margit?

The short answer is around level 25. The longer and more accurate answer is that it all depends on your playstyle and patience. The higher your level, the more powerful you will be; For example, if you play as a melee fighter and add strength points, you will deal more damage and the fight will end faster.

If you wish, you can fight Margit almost immediately. elden ringThe huge and sprawling open world of allows you to explore almost every location from the start. You can face Margit directly while wearing your first armor set, and attack him before you’ve made much progress.

I did this. I didn’t like it and I don’t recommend it.


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I play as a hero class, so I started with an ax and a shield. I managed to meet Melina before I met Margit, so at least I had a chance to level up (and I got my favorite horse). I ran past most of the enemies in Margit’s path and I think I hit them before my level hit double digits. It had neither a spirit call bell nor a summoning. Heck, I didn’t even have a craft kit, let alone a cure, to summon an NPC to help me.

What he had was a lot of gaming experience. dark souls, and a lot of patience. I spent my time watching Margit’s attack patterns, rolling and backwards and only punching when she turned her back. The problem was that every time he hit Margit he did almost no damage. It was like throwing single straws very hard at a camel, and I realized it would take a lot to break your back.

Like I said, I’m patient, but I also realized that I wasn’t supposed to be there and the game was only going to get harder from here. So I gave up, thinking I should level up a bit first. I didn’t think it would take long. But then I asked other people how long they had waited to fight Margit and was surprised to learn that many of my friends and colleagues hadn’t beat them until they explored path more of the game.

I decided to explore a bit; I took down a few baddies in Evergaol, cleared the entire Wailing Peninsula, and collected much better armor along the way. I reached level 30 before bothering to hit Margit again with my battleaxe at +5 and my pet jellyfish at +1 with Roderika. When I faced Margit again, I even summoned the NPC Rogier and did my best. It felt good not just to be strong enough but stronger than necessary.

I asked myself: how about it elden ring Players who had a different playstyle, character class, and loadout? What level did you recommend to beat Margit? I’ve asked my colleagues to come up with their own stories on how to beat this boss, and while all of our character classes and weapon loadouts are different, we all agreed that getting past level 20 and using summons helps.


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“I was a predisposed melee champion, level 26, weapon +8. I summoned Medusa to Rogier and Aurelia with no regrets. I played very aggressively for the first half of the fight, with Rogier and Aurelia taking hits and getting deflected. They both die pretty consistently little after the second phase, so I rolled through the damage, staying close enough to hit him with my sword after long chains of attacks, and stepping away from time to time to heal and hit with magic .

– Jenna Stoeber

“I beat Margit pretty early on, probably at a 20-25 level. I play the samurai class and got the entry fee with the sword probably upgraded to +2 or +3. I beat him on my second try and it was just for fun
1.) I used both Wolf Summon and Ally Summon right before the fight, and
2.) I had a friend, our colleague Austen Goslin, who saw me on Discord and gave me advice.
I just let Margit cry from the summon while doing opportunistic damage until she died.

– Pete Volk

“I defeated Margit at level 26 with a Bandit build, carrying both the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff in my left hand and the Reduvia Blood Dagger (both acquired from defeating various enemies). I switch my left hand between stick and dagger depending on the left’s attack pattern and FP. Most of my points go into Dexterity and Arcane (Arcane abilities up to Blood Dagger), with Intelligence, Strength, and then Spirit being my next categories.
To hit Margit, I used Lone Wolf Ashes to distract her and alternated barrage with Glintstone Pebble’s magic, plus dodging and following the attack pattern to where Margit stopped to take a few hits and build up blood loss. I made it about three quarters of the way fairly pain free. After running out of FP I switched to dual blades and did a kite/dodge/slash combo in the final quarter which was more challenging (and frankly more fun).
It took about 15 attempts in total. On my first tries I didn’t really use magic and was level 21. After dying 10 times I evolved five rune levels (added 3 to Intelligence, 2 to Spirit) and it was much easier.

—Nicole Clark

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