What is meant by “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” Message on Messenger?

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Most Messenger users will be familiar with the “This person is not available in Messenger” message. This message appears when a user is unable to message someone in Messenger. However, there is no specific reason why this message appears. We have listed several reasons why this problem can occur and also provided methods to check them.

This person is not available in Messenger

There can be several reasons why the message “This person is not available on Messenger” appears on your Messenger. Here is a list of different reasons why a user sees the following message and is unable to send a message:

  • Blocked by a user – One of the most common reasons is when the person you are messaging has blocked you on Messenger or Facebook. The same happens if you accidentally blocked the user from your end. Because of this, you cannot send messages and see the message “This person is not available in Messenger”.
  • The user has a deactivated account – It turns out that if the user you’re messaging has disabled their Messenger and Facebook, you won’t be able to send messages. You’ll see the message “This person isn’t available on Messenger” until they reactivate their account.
  • An account terminated by Facebook – Finally, if Facebook has terminated the user’s account, you will not be able to send him a message through Messenger.
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Now that you know the following reasons why you can’t message your friend, you can try the methods below to check which of the reasons apply to you.

Check if the user has blocked you

The first thing you should do is to check whether the user has blocked you or not. If the user has blocked you, you will see the error “This person is not available in Messenger” when sending messages. You can follow the steps below to check whether it is locked or not:

  1. First open your Facebook and look for them profile of the user you are trying to send a message to using the search function.
    Find a user on Facebook
  2. If you can’t find the user’s profile, search for it profile From others Facebook account. You can also use a friend’s account for verification.
    Find a user from another account
  3. Now, if the account shows up in a friend’s account, that means the user has done so clogged you on Messenger and Facebook.
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Check if the user has deactivated their Facebook account

Another reason would be if the user has deactivated or deleted their Facebook and Messenger account. You can’t tell if the account was deleted or just disabled. However, you can confirm it by checking it through the different accounts as shown below:

  1. open your Facebook App and find the account of the user you want to message.
  2. If you can’t find the user, try searching from a friend account. If the account cannot be found via any other identifier, it means that the user has deactivated their account or their account has been blocked by Facebook.
    Find a user on Facebook
  3. You can also try verifying the account with several different IDs to be sure. Try verifying from one of the accounts in your friends list or then friends of freinds.
    note: Sometimes the account can be hidden from public search and only visible to friends or friends of friends.

Make sure you haven’t blocked the user.

Sometimes you may have accidentally blocked someone on your friends list. It also shows you a similar message in Messenger. You can easily check if you’ve blocked someone by following the steps below:

  1. open that parcel deliverer app and find the cat where you “This person is not available in Messenger” Message.
  2. water tap Y care for in chat to see different chat options. if you see this block option means that the user is not blocked.
    Checking the blocking option in Messenger
  3. However, if you see them unlock option, it means you have blocked the person and need to unblock them before sending any messages. you can press unlock option and easily start sending messages again.
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