What is Elara App and Why does it prevents Windows from Shutting Down?

Some users reported a “ApntEX.exe“Run in Task Manager while others asked for it”Elara The app prevents Windows from shutting down‘ when trying to shut down their computer. In this article we explain how the app works and why it prevents it from closing.

What is the Elara app?

All computer manufacturers use hundreds of small components in their computers, which they source from hundreds of different small manufacturers. Sometimes these components are commonly used by different manufacturers in their products which makes them common to many different brands like HP, Samsung, Dell etc.

The Elara application is used to control one of these components associated with the touch panel of a laptop. Therefore, the Elara application is mainly present on laptops and pre-installed on the computer. This application controls some functions of the touch panel and is in “program records” with the touch panel driver of the computer. The application is in the task manager under “ApntEX.exe” Appearance. It is not a separate driver or software, it may just be part of the touchpad driver provided by your computer manufacturer.

ApntEX.exe runs in the background

Why is the Elara app preventing Windows from shutting down?

The Elara application can prevent Windows from shutting down because it always runs in the background once installed on your computer. When Windows shuts down, all background processes are closed; however, if the operating system classifies a process as sensitive, Canceled that Conclude processes and warns the user of the presence of a sensitive background task.

Can it be disabled?

According to many user reports, deleting the task from the task manager or even uninstalling the touchpad driver completely did not have any side effects. However, a report suggests that the user will lose the ability to turn off the touchpad using the “Fn” keys. Therefore, in our opinion, you should remove the task from Task Manager and it should not have any negative impact on the computer.

The functionality of the touch panel must be retained

You can also try uninstall trying to get the touchpad driver Get rid of Bloatware and verify that touchpad functionality is retained. Results may vary by device manufacturer, but even if functionality is lost, you can easily reinstall the driver by checking for hardware changes that will cause Windows to reinstall the driver that you recently uninstalled.

How to temporarily stop Elara application task?

In this step, we will show users the easiest way to end Elara app task via task manager. This can affect your touchpad functionality, so make sure you have a mouse as a backup.

  1. Hurry “STEERING“+”To change“+”Esc‘ simultaneously to open Task Manager.
  2. Click on the “details‘ to open detailed instructions for executable files running in the background.
    Click the Details tab
  3. Click on the “ApntEX.exe” and choose “End spot“.
    Click the “End Task” button.
  4. This will temporarily close the Elara app and no longer prevent the computer from shutting down.
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