What is DDC/CI and How to Use It

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Most monitors today support a cool feature called CDD/CI, but few people have heard of it, and even fewer know what it is for or how to use it. That’s partly because most monitor manufacturers aren’t interested in developing proprietary software for them.

Show data channel/control interface (DDC/CI).

What is SDC/AI?

Display data channel (DDC) / command interface (CI). It’s a way of communication between the computer and the monitor. Contains a collection of protocols used to facilitate the transfer of display-related information between the computer display and the display adapter.

DDC essentially allows the monitor to tell the computer what display modes it supports. More importantly, a display data channel allows the user to control and modify monitor features such as brightness, contrast, and color palette right from their computer.

At a very basic level, DDC/CI provides plug and play functionality for the monitor. Many monitor models have less intuitive user interfaces, so it’s understandable that some users are looking for ways to avoid the clunky buttons that many monitor models have.

The command Command Interface (IC) it is the channel that the two parties involved (computer and monitor) use to send and receive commands to each other. Some DDC/CI monitors may even support it Auto Spin Technology – A built-in rotation sensor inside the monitor allows you to keep the screen in a vertical position even when the monitor is physically moved in horizontal and vertical position.

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Using DDC/CI

Wear SDC/IC, You must first ensure that your monitor can support this. But if you bought your monitors in the last 3 or 4 years, CDD/IC need to be supported.

Some monitor manufacturers have developed their own proprietary software to work with DDC/IC (like Samsung MagicTune), but obviously it doesn’t work with monitors outside Samsung’s purview.

If you are looking for a universal program that will allow you to use DDC/CI regardless of the manufacturer of your monitor, we have what you need. This is ideal if you are using a multi-monitor setup (from different manufacturers): with DDC/CI you can control all your active displays.

Click MonitorDDC is a free portable tool that allows you to easily adjust the brightness and contrast of any DDC compatible monitor by adjusting a series of sliders. You can easily access your monitor controls at any time by simply clicking on the notification icon in the software (on the taskbar Region).

Here is a quick guide to enabling, installing and configuring DDC/CI using Click MonitorDDC:

  1. Squeeze the physical settings Check your monitor settings to see if DDC/CI is enabled. If not, be sure to rotate For sure. As you can imagine, the exact steps to do this differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
    Enable DDC/CI in your monitor settings

    Note: Most models have DDC/CI enabled by default, but you should ensure the option is enabled before proceeding with the next steps below.

  2. Visit this link here and click Download the installation version to download the latest Click MonitorDDC Execution.
    Download ClickMonitor DDC

    Note: You can also download the portable versions, but our tests have shown that installing via Windows Install is much more stable.

  3. Once the download is complete, double click the Click MonitorDDC executable installer and click Yes to the UAC (User Account Control) Request to grant administrator rights.
    Note: Since the installer is not signed with a verified publisher, you may have to click Show more details and click Yes to the uac request.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You don’t need to change anything, just leave the default settings and click To install to complete the installation.
  5. After the installation is complete, run Click MonitorDDC.
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Using ClickMonitorDDC to control two different screens

When you launch the app for the first time, it will automatically detect all monitors connected to your computer. We tested it in a dual screen setup (Asus + Acer) and it worked flawlessly. Above you can see all your connected monitors and control each one individually.

Not only can you adjust things like the brightness, contrast, and volume of the built-in speakers, but you can also switch input sources or turn them off without having to physically press the power button.

You can also dive into the configuration of Click MonitorDDC to assign custom names to your monitors for easy access.

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Note: Please note that not all monitors allow you to change the contrast. According to our research, this often happens with laptop screens.

If you don’t like ClickMonitorDDC’s interface, we also found other free alternatives for you:

  • Screen Tuner (32-bit only)
  • softMCCS
  • MagicTune (Samsung only)

Note, however, that these programs are either exclusive to a specific manufacturer or require a technical person for the initial setup. So if you’re looking for something simple that you can set up in minutes, I’d stick with it Click MonitorDDC.

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