What are Luma Temtem?

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Just like this other battle creature collecting game, theme has named ultra rare versions of each type luma. (The Pokemon games call them Shiny.)

In this guide we will explain what Luma Temtem are and what makes them special.

What are Luma Temtem?

Luma Temtem are color variants of the regular Temtem.

Aside from a different palette, according to the 0.2 patch notes, Luma Temtem generally has better stats and at least three perfect Unique Values ​​(SV) stats (more on that below). This makes them stronger than regular Temtem, but also makes them more valuable for breeding.

Luma Temtem and its stats

The stats your Temtem actually uses in battle are a combination of three groups of numbers: Basic Statistics, value formation (TV)Y Unique Values ​​(SV).

  • Basic Statistics They are shared by all members of a species at some level. They increase as the Temtem levels up and evolves, either through battles or through the use of an item like the Coward’s Cloak.
  • formation of values They are gained when a Temtem defeats others in battle, leaving a recently captured or untamed Temtem with zero TVs. Each type of Temtem rewards different TVs. You will not see them in post-battle reports or when leveling up. You must enter your team details to see the actual numbers.
  • unique values They are randomly generated when the Temtem is born, either through breeding or when it appears in the world as an angry Temtem. These numbers do not change over time. SVs are a number between 1 and 50.

Its SVs make Luma special: every Luma-Temtem will have at least three perfect SVs (50). Having these perfect SVs makes Luma Temtem very valuable for breeding as SVs are inherited from parents.

Where can I find Luma Temtem?

There is currently no way to increase your chances of finding a Luma Temtem, and no location has more than usual. you always have one 1 in 6,000 Chance of finding one according to the 0.2.3 patch notes.

However, this means that you also have a 99.98% chance no find one And that means the best way to find them is simply to know them a lot of from wild Temtem and I hope you are lucky.

To update: This has been reduced to 1 in 8,000 from patch 0.5.12. This means that 99.99% of the time you won’t find one.

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