Whale Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Are your kids ready for a colorful underwater adventure? Print out these printable whale coloring pages, grab a pack of crayons, and let your kids go through many of these wonderful designs. The game comes with 30 different coloring pages, many of which are available for free!

whales to color

We have tons of whale coloring pages for your kids to color, from the simplest to the most detailed, which will be the most fun for older children.

When you’re done coloring the whales, you can test your skills and learn how to draw a whale yourself by following our guided tutorial.

Get your kids ready and put your art supplies to work because we have collected 10 whale coloring pages that you can print for free. The full collection includes 30 different coloring pages and you can access all of them if you are a member.

Coloring page Big Whale

To kick off our collection of whale coloring pages, we have this large underwater mammal. There are lots of large areas to color in as well as a few details, making it perfect for preschoolers.

Whale over the coral reef

Dive into the depths of the sea with this one. When your kids finish coloring the whale, they can also color the ocean.

swim with fish

What would whales do without friends? This one swims with lots of beautiful fish. paint them all.

in the lowlands

Here’s another beautiful underwater design, where this large mammal dives deep into the sea to admire (or eat?) the algae growing on the seabed.

Coloring pages whales and hearts

Nothing is more magical than a whale in love, and this one certainly is. We think this one colored pink would look great, but ultimately it’s up to your child to choose the right colors. There are also many hearts and bubbles to color.

Coral reefs and whales side

Coral reefs are amazing, and this whale agrees. There are so many colors you can use to color them.

ocean friends

If you are looking for an easy whale coloring page for little kids, this one is perfect. Most have large color spaces and thick lines. This is ideal for coloring with colored pencils.

happy whale coloring

Get out your favorite markers and color in this happy whale. The waves can be dyed different shades of blue, the whale any color you want, the stars yellow or white, and don’t forget the night sky either. The finished page will look beautiful.

Coloring page Big Whale

This large whale has a more realistic look and is perfect for completing your unity study of whales or sea creatures.

sleeping whale

Here we have another realistic whale coloring page. There, this large marine mammal swims over a beautiful coral reef.

Want to color more whales? If you are already a member, you can color the entire collection of 30 whale coloring pages from our member library. We’ve prepared a preview of the rest of the collection below.

whale coloring

This simple design is suitable for young children. It is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who enjoy coloring with crayons.

whales to color

If you are teaching your kids about whales and want a more realistic look, this is perfect. It features easy-to-color areas and a beautiful blue whale.

Coloring page of the three whales

More, better, better. This shows three animals to color in.

swim in company

Although killer whales are dolphins, we included a few in this group because they are also called killer whales. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about these magnificent mammals.

coloring whales

Another fun design with two different species, a wonderful learning opportunity and a fun coloring adventure.

Sleeping ocean liner

Here we have another super easy whale coloring page for younger kids with the cutest design possible. This one seems to be dreaming. You might be thinking how wonderful it would look in pink. Let your kids use their imagination when choosing the colors to color this one.

Realistic whale coloring pages

The seabed in this image can be colored many different shades of blue that really make this image stand out. There are also many colors and shades of the same color that your kids can choose to color the whale. Let them let their imagination run wild. There are no rules when it comes to coloring pages.

jump out of the water

This happy whale is jumping out of the water and having fun like never before. This is another design that your kids can use different blue colors to color the sea and sky. Make sure you have enough blue crayons on hand.

family of whales

Who said stars and whales don’t get along? Nobody. A simple and fun design to color in. Your children can limit themselves to just coloring the objects, or they can also create their own dreamy background.

smiling whale

Happy and easy to color. That’s what it’s all about: a simple whale and some simple coral. We think your kindergarten or preschool kids will love this one. Who doesn’t love a whale with a smile?

Coloring page whale and island

Surfing the water on a sunny day. This whale really knows how to party! A fun color theme that also includes a bright sun and an island with palm trees.

Killer whale coloring page

A duo of killer whales (dolphins) swimming in the sea, both very easy to colour, making this book perfect for young learners. All areas are large enough to easily color in with colored pencils.

baby whale

This whale coloring page is ideal for young children who also like a little challenge. The whale has nice large areas that are easy to color in, while the background has more difficult details to color in.

sleeping whale

If your kids like using lots of different colors when coloring their coloring pages, we think they will love this design. The sea consists of different areas to be colored, which absolutely do not all have to be blue. Many bubbles can be colored and the whale itself is very detailed. If your kids wear different colors and stay away from blue, this design can look dreamy.

fun in the ocean

Another one with lots of details that your kids will love to color. Give your kids different crayons, markers or crayon colors and let their imagination run wild.

Whales coloring pages

This easy whale coloring page is more suitable for younger children (toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners). There are no small areas to color, so it won’t be that hard to color this one with colored pencils.

swim fast

Get out your kid’s entire collection of crayons, markers or crayons and let your kids color them with all the colors of the rainbow. There are no rules that say the sea has to be blue or the whale shades of blue, grey, green and brown. Why not make a rainbow whale out of it?

whale coloring

If you’re teaching your kids about these winter animals, why not give them a themed coloring sheet? This one features 3 animals and 3 snowflakes.

Coral Reef and Killer Whale

Another member of the dolphin family has been added to our collection.

whales to color

Finally, we surrounded this one with a group of suspicious friends. The whale is easy to color as it has nice big areas to color in, while the fish requires a bit more skill.

Get your whale coloring pages here

Whales for coloring

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