We finally organized our spices

Much time has passed! For months Adam and I debated how to organize our spices. There are so many options, but we had 4 very strict requirements:

1. It takes up very little space
2. Keeps our spices fresh and lasts longer
3. It is elastic
4. It’s cheap

To start our quest for our perfect condiment organization process, we looked around at what’s already available on the market and we came up with some great ideas like this 20 piece magnetic condiment set with boxes and a magnetic board. It’s an interesting idea, but it wasn’t as scalable as we had hoped and it was too expensive for us. We also found great ideas like these adorable airtight spice jars (recommended by Smitten Kitchen in their article titled How to make a spice rack too obsessive). They’re an amazing option, but we were concerned we might not have enough space. Our kitchen is packaged as it is: we have shelves, kitchen trolleys, hooks, whatever… so we really looked for something that was easy to access and took up as little space as possible. Ultimately we settled on the screw top jars (food grade) which we found wholesale online on various sites (the SKS bottle was our top choice but you need to buy at least 72 of these to see what it’s worth) . if a friend would be interested in sharing the cost or consulting another retailer).


The spice boxes were delivered a few weeks ago. We followed the magnet concept, found powerful magnets online (magnets we bought) and were able to turn our ugly, outdated fridge into a mega spice rack. We’re very happy with the result, although there are some issues…sometimes it’s difficult to unscrew the cans (especially when your hands are wet) when we had a particularly large amount of spice, not everything fit into the 3-oz -Cans we have purchased and some of our printed labels are already a bit smudged so we may need to find a better labeling process. So our end result isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than before, and we spent just under $100 on everything (many, many boxes, tags, and magnets).


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