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win win the Paint me as one of your… Guard Dogs: Legion Achievement and trophy, you must recruit one of the citizens to take away the scorching heat and then stun Clan Kelly five times with headshots from paintball guns.

In this Guard Dogs: Legion In this guide we’ll explain where to recruit them and how to make sure your shots in Clan Kelley actually stun them.

Recruit an agent with a paintball gun

Unlike a spy or drone operator, you won’t catch an agent with a paintball gun in a communal riot. Instead, you’ll have to look for one on the streets, especially in areas with a lot of graffiti.

For example, we found painting companies in Fartton Tower and from that Camden Market, both areas with a lot of graffiti on the walls. Also, they’re both in Camden. Additionally, it’s very likely that someone you find making signs in a protest area (like Trafalgar Square) is also practicing illegal art forms.

Impressive five members of the Kelley clan


Once you have an agent with a paintball gun, getting the trophy or achievement is pretty easy. Headshots deal stun damage to enemies even if they’re wearing a helmet. And the stuns don’t have to be consecutive (although you have to use the same character each time), so you can take your time completing this one.

To find Clan Kelley Gang members, simply hover over a restricted area until the tile with the building’s name appears. This will also reveal the uniform required to enter the building unnoticed. If it’s a Clan Kelley jacket then you’ve come to the right place. sun garden at Nine Elm Y Perry Harris Redevelopment in Westminster are good starting points.

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