Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Throw the Book at Them achievement and trophy


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Inside Guard Dogs: Legion, Albion’s private police love nothing more than to disregard rights and arrest citizens. As a member of the resistance, it’s your responsibility to blame them if they do it. And thanks a Guard Dogs: Legion Achievement and trophy gives it an added incentive.

To get throw them the bookshould make five arrests. So get your suplex arms ready and get ready to bash some fascists. Here’s where and when to find arrests.

find arrests

In our experience with the game, there isn’t a single location where arrests are particularly likely. However, busy areas, especially street corners, attract both ordinary citizens and Albion officers.

Aside from the location, there is one weather in-game when arrests are most likely. Before a communal riot, Albion’s presence on the streets of London is significantly higher as officers routinely harass citizens. But after completing the mission sequence that leads to the liberation of a district, the Albion officers are pushed off the streets to make way for the citizens. So get to that achievement/trophy early. And get ready to run.

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