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In this Guard Dogs: Legion Guide we will help you choose your first agent from the list of 15 that will be presented to you. We’ll help you understand which skills to choose and give you tips on what to ignore and what to look out for.

Choose your first operator

After the prologue and a brief introduction to using the Spiderbot, you are faced with your first game choice: choosing one of 15 randomly generated agents. As we discussed in our team building guide, try not to focus so much on the people as on their skills. At the beginning of the game, many of these skills will not mean much to you.

Each of these agents has an ability. Here’s the thing: A person with an ability isn’t that special at it guard dogs: Legion, and very soon you will recruit agents that are much more versatile (e.g. experienced agents). This means you really can’t go wrong here as this remedy is essentially disposable.

However, this choice might make your first trip to London a little easier.


Run over people with vehicles and guns. The vehicles are available for free on basically every street in London so there isn’t much demand for them and shooting a gun tends to take out your enemies and then the gunfight starts so they’re not really worth it. .

You can also skip people with features like quick download and clothing discounts. Downloading is too specific a use case and discounts on clothing only apply to cosmetic items.

Instead of this, Choose a melee skill or someone with a fast cooldown for hacks.

  • Melee and melee weapons in general are useful because you’ll hit people a lot more than you think.
  • “Hacking” is a general term for the way you interact with the world guard dogs: Legion. Fast hack cooldowns mean your interactions with the world of Guard Dogs: Legion it will be a bit smoother and require less waiting time.

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