VW Golf R Mk8 – long-term review

Goodbye, Golf R. Goodbye to the reputation of golf?

It was a tough car to digest, the Golf 8. In all its guises, not just the R. Long everyone’s benchmark, it’s now riddled with unforced errors and cutbacks. Today, no Golf is the best car in its class. Do you need a boggo hatch? Get ready. Are you sensitive to badges? 1 Series. GTI? No, ST focus. Club sport? i30N and change, please. R? Probably the best of the bunch. More fun than an M135i or S3, faster and more composed than an A35.

On his own merits, he is a serious contender. But only once, every time he starts it, he told her to go back to his preferred drive mode. And he waited for his phone to connect. And he apologized to the passengers as the lazy DSG and sticky electric parking brake lurched as you drove away.

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People often say that there are no such thing as bad cars anymore. Because cars don’t start constantly on cold mornings or expire in clouds of steam on hot afternoons. The Mk8 Golf R is mechanically reliable. It’s also extremely fast, refined, comfortable, well equipped, and practically full.

By every metric, a very good car indeed. And yet, somehow, that is not the case. Not good to recommend. I don’t miss him anymore now that he’s gone. Other high-end cars bored me less with their technology. Other hot hatchbacks are much more fun to drive.

As a solo car, this R is mostly driven. There was a growing buzz on the dashboard as the mileage passed 10,000, but it drove through the winter without incident. Lots of warning messages popping up every day, but they were just from all the driver assistance and safety babysitters saying they were out of order because dirt had clogged a sensor. Nothing broke or fell off. It averaged 31 miles per gallon, which isn’t brilliant. My 3.0-liter BMW M440i xDrive was ten percent cheaper.

Because it’s a Golf, I often used to approach the R with a “it has to be me, not the car” mentality, thinking we’d “click” eventually. But the conversations I’ve had with Volkswagen engineers and experts show that they know the Mk8 Golf is a huge misstep, and they have work to do to rebuild our confidence in their design choices.

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As for the hottest, the R is again dwarfed by the RS3 and A45 of this world, rather than standing proud as the refreshing sweet spot. For R, cult hero status was good while it lasted. Once again, this is also a race. What an embarrassment of crying.

Fortunately, the new Audi RS3 is spectacular. So if you want to love a megabuck megahatch, this is the new king among shopping cars. Amazing what a five-cylinder engine and a logical cockpit can do…

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VW Golf R Mk8: Top Gear Long Term ReviewVW Golf R Mk8: Top Gear Long Term ReviewVW Golf R Mk8: Top Gear Long Term Review

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