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What is?

The Volvo XC60 sits at the heart of the crowd of best-selling midsize crossovers. It’s beautiful and luxurious, and wraps you in a blanket of security as complete as the Swedish welfare state.

It is not distracted by off-road ambitions. He also doesn’t have the athletic look on the track. Therefore, he is not bothered by the heavy and bulky material of the former, nor the hard rigidity of the latter.

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This middle ground approach, of course, gives it severe rivals. The Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5 and BMW X3 are there and relentlessly competent. But the Volvo feels very different inside. Its décor is as Scandinavian as a Stockholm boutique hotel bar.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The first-generation XC60 landed in 2008 and lasted nine years, 50% longer than the industry standard. The completely redesigned second-generation XC60 launched in 2017 and with a lot of momentum behind it. The former was not only Volvo’s best-selling car, it was also the best-selling vehicle of its kind in Europe. Its suspension ways may have been pretty rough, but even that wasn’t enough to stop the old car.

The car you see here gave Volvo an opportunity to capitalize on the loyalty of previous buyers while it ironed out the flaws. This means better suspension. It also brings more technology and even more security features. The platform, powertrains, suspension, seats and interior operating system are unabashedly the same as other modern Volvos. Ultimately, the new XC60 is the reduced XC90. Reduced but not diminished. For the loss of the XC90’s third row of seats, it gains a more maneuverable outline and a little more agility.

So what drivers does this bring?

multitude of hybrids. Everything has mild hybrid assistance at least, with prices starting at around £42,000 for a front-wheel drive 247bhp ‘B5’ petrol with a claimed economy of 37.2mpg. Another £885 gets you a diesel (remember those?) that’s more than a second slower to 62mph but tops out at 44mpg and brings all-wheel drive; AWD can also be added to the B5 if you have avoided diesel.

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If you’re willing to spend £53,000 (or a lot more), there’s the T6 Recharge, a 345hp plug-in hybrid, a claimed but unlikely 282mpg economy and just under 50 miles of electric-only range on a full charge. Beat your £65,000 budget and there’s the T8 Polestar, which takes the PHEV powertrain and trades some mpg and emission-free miles for a slightly OTT sprint of 450bhp and under 5.0sec to 62mph. Too much for a midsize SUV, no doubt. But pretty cool too.

When it comes to safety, the XC60 uses as many assistance systems as any other Volvo. Which means, to a reasonable approximation, every other car on the planet.

What’s the verdict?

The XC60 does things differently than the Germans – a surefire way to move a family in style

We’re big fans of modern Volvos and the XC60 is no exception. It’s most of the good stuff from the larger 90-series cars and SUVs, distilled into a smaller package.

It’s relaxing to be in thanks to the big relaxing cabin (get it in a bright colour, you won’t regret it…unless you have kids) and most of all, relaxing to drive. It does things differently than the equivalent BMW, Mercedes and Audi, and as good as those cars are, it’s even better for it.

We’d say it’s also something much cooler and less offensively aggressive for Potter. Even the mega-power (and mega-money) Polestar looks like he just wants to wrap you up in a big Scandi hug. It is not the sportiest or most economical SUV, but it is probably the most socially accepted.

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