Volkswagen Golf (Mk7) review


What is?

The Golf is to hatchbacks what the Mercedes S-Class is to luxury limousines, or the iPhone is to cell phones: a hugely popular and popular device that covers all the bases that 99.9% of the population could want, or need. This Mk7 version is lighter than the previous one and, with a refreshed post-2016 look, offers autonomous driving in traffic and updated engines. Do you need more comfort? There’s a longer estate or a larger Golf SV mini-MPV. Need more performance? There’s a GTI hot hatch, the tartan seat icon, and the R super hatch. Want to meet in the middle? You can have a GTE plug-in hybrid or the faster GTD diesel. Or the electric e-Golf, with its range of 190 miles. See what we mean by having all the bases covered?

In terms of price, the Golf is a more premium option than, say, a Focus or Astra, but it’s also a much more versatile option, offering a safer drive and extremely refined in normal form, and high-quality design. and largely ergonomic. cabin: we used to get more praise for that, but recently VW tried to screw it up on the inside with new touch screens that are worse, and so on. But it’s spacious, quiet, safe and smart. As an off-roader, the Golf is simply unbeatable. As a result, it’s the car that Top Gear employees tend to recommend when asked “what should I buy?” more often than not.

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Our choice of the range.

Volkswagen Golf 2017 front quarter
2.0 TSI 310 R 5 doors AWD

What’s the verdict?

Define this sector and it should be your default purchase. You just can’t go wrong.

The Golf, despite increasingly talented rivals, VW’s best efforts to screw up cabin technology, and a scandal of its own making, is stronger than ever. Extremely refined, really neat to drive and offering a wide range meaning there’s something for everyone, it’s the easiest car to recommend this side of a McLaren F1 kit car that costs ten and runs on water. We’d have a Golf R, but the 1.5 is just as nice to live with.

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