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What is?

Technically the Caravelle is a van. A van with many seats and few windows, where you would normally find a large expanse of nothing and sheet metal respectively, but a van nonetheless. However, writing this new one off as little more than a sanitized Volkswagen Transporter makes the new ‘T6.1’ Caravelle a disservice, as you’ll find out if you do the right thing and read on.

First of all, the Caravelle is not to be confused with the Transporter Shuttle, which is actually it is a van with windows and seating for up to nine passengers. You can buy one for around £37,000, and if you’re a minicab driver, that’s exactly what you need to do. Getting the sick out of a Caravelle is much more difficult: they cost just over £47,000 and are much more lavishly equipped, although they can accommodate two fewer people.

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The caravels are what they use in The newbie to the candidates for commuting around London: business buses, in which important businessmen can discuss important business matters on the way to important business meetings. Les sièges pivotent pour que vous puissiez regarder votre partenaire commercial important dans son visage commercial important, il ya une table coulissante/pliante astucieuse pour vos documents commerciaux importants et des stores sur les fenêtres pour empêcher les regards indiscrets d’observer toutes les affaires importan al inside. BUSINESS.

If (important) business isn’t your thing, read on anyway, because there are other circumstances where the Caravelle makes sense. For example, it’s a credible and more practical alternative to a seven-seater SUV like a Land Rover Discovery or Volvo XC90. Cheaper and probably as if it weren’t cheaper, although unattractive.

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This Caravelle era has been around for a while, but this year’s ‘T6.1’ update brings a handsome new face, a redesigned dashboard incorporating VW’s latest infotainment system and digital trim and more assistance systems. and security.

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Our choice of the range.

2.0 TDI Executive 199 5 Doors DSG

What’s the verdict?

Yes, it is indeed a van with windows. but it’s also beautiful
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