Vegetables Coloring Pages – Free Printable

Although vegetables are notorious for not being kids’ favorite foods, I know they will love them. Free printable vegetable coloring pages. To be honest, most kids love veggies, at least some of them do!

We are big fans of coloring here as kids love to color (not all!). These babies are super relaxing!


You can use them to keep the kids busy for a while and let them go crazy with the colors. I mean why would the eggplant be purple? Maybe it’s an eggplant from space! You can also use them as part of the garden unit.

Free printable vegetable coloring pages

This pack is 11 pages long and contains what we call culinary vegetables for cooking. Some of them are actually fruits, so if you’re using them to teach veggies, you may or may not want to remove some of them, or yes… It’s so confusing! So we have;


  • salad
  • Onion
  • dad
  • carrot
  • broccoli

Fruits (technically according to botanical standards)

  • aubergine
  • but
  • pepper
  • Tomato (although once declared a vegetable by the dish, ha!)

Something completely different

  • fungus (not even a plant)

There is also a page with most of the vegetables (and apparently fruit and other things) on one page!

I hope you learned something new here as well (I’ll admit I had no idea about corn, I thought it might be a vegetable before doing this, but I checked it out before posting just to make sure, that you really learn something new every day).

But enough talking!

Click here to get your vegetable coloring pages


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