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Valheimer Landwirtschaft plants seeds

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Inside Walheim, the best health and stamina boosters are the foods you can prepare after planting and growing seeds. In this Walheim The guide will walk you through finding seeds, making a cultivator, and planting carrots, beets, and trees.

Why should you plant and grow seeds?

Because your health and stamina are tied to the food you eat, finding the best foods to stay alive is important Walheim.

Once you have a foundry and start making pewter, you will unlock it Cauldron (10 boxes) – a pot hanging over a fire where you can cook recipes from different foods. The food you cook depends on the ingredients you’ve found, and the ingredients available depend on the biome you’re in.

The best foods for early games

Early in the game, the foods that provide the most benefits require carrots and beets, and you won’t find them just lying around. You need to grow the ingredients for this from seeds:

  • Carrot Soup (1 mushroom, 3 carrots) It’s great for your stamina.
  • Sausages (3 Guts, 1 Raw Meat, 4 Thistles) They’re really good for health and stamina, with slightly more health than stamina.
  • Beet Stew (1 Raw Meat, 3 Beets) It gives both health and stamina an equal (and significant) boost, making it the best food to eat once you reach the swamp biome.

find seeds

You can only plant a few things at this stage of game development as there are few types of seeds. Walheim.

The things you can plant are carrots, turnips, beeches, firs, Y Pine trees.

you will pick up carrot seeds white flowers in biomes of the Black Forest and beet seed of yellow flowers in swamp biomes. With those you have in hand, plant them with a Cultivator (5 wood cores, 5 bronze) in some cultivated soils.

Birch, raspberry or blueberry cannot be planted.

Create the breeder

for to forgeJust do it Cultivator (5 wood cores, 5 bronze). remember it wood core comes from Pine trees inside Biome Black ForestY bronze is a combination of copper Y tin.

The Cultivator is basically a pitchfork that allows you to plant seeds that you have found but cannot use. The cultivator also allows you to regrow grass on the land you paved with yours hoe.

Cultivate the land and plant seeds.

The first step in planting seeds is to till the soil – with the cultivator care for, its default action in the build menu. When the soil is ready, you can plant seeds.

Valheim grows carrots and beets.

Our troll head scarecrow won’t scare wild boar. The round fence is much more effective.
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Plant and protect plants

Boars and other enemies seem to hate vegetation, so you’ll need to build a fence as well Round fence (1 wood) or then Slat Wall (4 Wood) if you overdo it, around your garden plot.

Plants need some space around them to grow, so don’t make your vegetable rows too dense. After planting a seed, put away your cultivator and get closer to the plant. You can see in the tooltip whether too many people are displayed.

Seeds take a few days in game (between an hour and 90 minutes in real time) before they are ready to be harvested. plant a Carrot Seeds (1 carrot) or then Beet Seed (1 Beet) they become three additional seeds. When you harvest, replant every third vegetable to keep the cycle going.

Beehives in Valheim produce honey for potions

Beehives provide a local source of honey for potions.
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Since you have fenced land for farming, this is a good place to build yours Beehives (10 wood, 1 queen bee) to keep them protected. produce beehives 4 honey every (approx.) three days in the game. Since you need a lot of honey for your potions, it’s a good idea to make several so you have a constant supply.

planting trees

Planting trees works the same way as planting carrots or beets. Cultivate the land, plant your seeds and wait a few days in-game to collect your wood.

They collect beech, fir and pine seeds when you cut them. then you can grow beech seeds Y cones to the drink or then cones to the wood core.

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