Valheim guide: How to fish

There are many ways to get your protein fix Walheim. If hunting and taming boars or battling draugr to cook their guts is too much for you, try fishing. Despite all the busy work in Viking Beyond, you still find time to sit back, cast a line and catch some fish.

In this Walheim Guide, we will show you how to fish. Catching fish isn’t overly complicated, but finding the tools you need to cast line can be difficult and expensive. We’ll show you where to get one pole Y bait so you can start getting and cooking fish.

Where can I find the fishing rod?

If you want to learn to fish Walheim, you must find the game’s elusive dealer, Haldor. The Business Gnome Shop is one of the few places where you can buy a fishing rod and bait to start fishing in the afterlife of the Vikings.

Location on map from Haldor to Valheim

Haldor’s location is marked with a bag icon
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unfortunately find WalheimThe item shop will not be an easy task. As we explained in our guide on how to find Haldor, the location of the gnome trader is random for each player. It can take hours to find, so keep that in mind when you’re about to start your fishing trip.

Once you find it, a bag icon appears on your map.

Haldor’s Shop is one of the few places where you can buy one pole Y bait. The fishing rod costs 350 coins and 50 baits cost an additional 10 coins.

You can find spare parts from all over the world Walheim in abandoned buildings, dungeons, or if you have valuable items to sell, Haldor will give you coins for them.

How to fish in Valheim

Fishing in Valheim

Watch out for fish swimming around your hook
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Once you have the fishing rod and bait, fish in Walheim It’s easy.

To start fishing, find a body of water. Fish can spawn in rivers or the sea, so try multiple spots. We have found rivers to be a good spot for fishing as it is easy to see if there are any fish in the area.

After finding a spot, equip both the fishing rod and the bait. Both items should be highlighted in blue in your inventory. To throw out your line, hold down the left mouse button. Release the button early for a short throw, or hold it down until your character stops moving to reach the maximum throw distance.

Once your hook hits the water it will splash and stay there. By pressing the right mouse button, the line is drawn a short distance. Keep doing this to attract fish. Be patient and tug on the leash from time to time while waiting for a bite.

When you see a small splash appear around your hookPress the right mouse button to catch the fish.

Fishing in Valheim

When you bite, the water looks like this
Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

If you bite, the word “Engaged” will appear in yellow on the screen. Hold down the right mouse button to slowly reel in your fish. Just like real fishing, you need to keep an eye on the movements of the fish to determine the right speed to reel in the fish. If you try too hard to retrieve it, the hook will come off and you will lose the fish.

If you can pull the fish towards you on the bank, you earn a little Raw fish. You can bring your catch to a cooking zone and cook it boiled fishwhich increases your health by 45, increases your stamina by 25, heals you for 2 HP/tick and lasts 1200 seconds (20 minutes).

Once you learn how to farm, you can cook boiled fish and barley flour to make in a cauldron fish rolls. This food increases your health by 60, increases your stamina by 90, heals you for 4 hp/tick, and lasts 2400 seconds (40 minutes).

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