Valheim boss fight guide: Moder tips


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Mountains are part of it Walheim, and his boss fits right in. The final challenge in the mountain biome is Moder, a giant wyvern that can only be summoned on certain icy mountains. While getting to her is already a perilous journey, killing her can be even more difficult.

To help you remove moder is our Walheim guide corrals our best tips, tricks and strategies for frozen combat.

Prepare for moderation


Bring your best sword for this fight. if you have one iron sword take that a Silver Sword also works fine if you have updated it.

The most important weapon for you is the hunter bow or the Draugr Fang Bow, as well as a few hundred arrows. Needle Arrows are best against Moder, but are difficult to acquire until you reach the levels (the next stage of the game). Poison and obsidian arrows also work well.


Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon


You’ll definitely need at least a wolf skin cloak or a wolf armor chest when fighting Moder. Having at least one of these items will negate the cold debuff you receive in the mountain biome. But if you’ve explored the mountains long enough to find all the dragon eggs you need to summon Rot, you probably already know this and have at least one of those two pieces.

Because silver is so plentiful and easy to obtain, the best option against rot is a full silver armor set, all upgraded to tier four. However, if you’re trying to move as fast as possible, you can get away with a fully upgraded Iron Gear set with just a layer of Wolf Skin to get the Frost Resistance damage buff.


Eat sausage, beet stew, and smoked salmon meat before and during battle. Getting meat from Lox is harder and more dangerous than other foods since they only spawn in the plains, but it’s worth it for the right balance of extra health and extra stamina.


Bring at least five of each of the medium healing and low resistance Mets in case you need to quickly pick up one of the resources.

You should craft some Frost Resistant Mets before the fight, but leave them where your bed is or near the portal you use to get to the fight. This way, if you die during combat, you can activate the Frost Resistance mead and return to your body without worrying about the cold debuff. These potions don’t stack with your wolf armor’s frost resistance, so don’t worry about using them in combat.

modern summons

Moder is in the mountains. To find out the exact summoning location, you need to find a rune in the mountains or find the altar while exploring it.


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In order to summon Rot, you need three dragon eggs, which you can sacrifice on his altar. The eggs are extremely heavy and cannot be teleported. It also doesn’t make it worth collecting the eggs. Instead, you need to find the mountain that lets you summon Moder in your game, look for eggs in that area, and bring them back one at a time.

Since Moder is a very dangerous boss, he builds a portal near the summoning location but safe from his attacks. Then, if you die, the portal will quickly return you to your team. While setting up a bed near fights is usually a good idea, the Cold Mountain debuff makes this much more difficult.

Before summoning Moder, make sure there are no enemies nearby and that it’s early in the day so you don’t have to deal with the increased Nightpawn.

Moderator Tips

modern attacks

Moder has three types of attacks: one he uses while flying and two he uses while landing.

air raid
  • Moder fires multiple ice shards at a player’s location. Ice crystallizes on contact, freezing anything it touches. Don’t let this ability affect you at all. Each shard moves slowly, making it easy to dodge, but getting hit by two or three in a row will kill you.
ground attacks
  • Moder lashes out with her front claws, hitting everything in front of her. This is Moder’s most traditional and fastest attack. If you see her returning her claws, run away immediately or prepare to dodge.
  • Moder fires an icy breath attack in front of her. This ability deals a lot of damage but can be tossed aside just before it comes out to avoid its damage cone.


Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing via Polygon

Attack Moder’s weaknesses

There are two ways to kill this boss.

The most effective way is to hit her with poisoned needles or arrows while she’s in the air, deal some damage, then charge at her when she lands and use your sword. With this method you have to be very careful to avoid his attacks because a single hit means you have to retreat and heal.

The much safer (but much longer) option is to stay away from Moder as much as possible and only hurt her with the bow. To do this, all you have to do is dodge his Ice Shard attack, which should keep you pretty safe. However, this method is very time consuming and burns tons of food and arrows.

Modern awards and trophies

Moder drops the Moder trophy, along with his Sanctuary Power, which grants you favorable winds for sailing. Moder also drops several Dragon’s Tears, a crafting item used to craft the items needed to turn black iron into ore and craft black iron tools.

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