Use these Red Dead Redemption 2 settings to make your life easier

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Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s a game that wants to be absorbed slowly, and with that comes a lot of built-in blur that will dissipate over time. However, in a video game, the blur often creates confusion. Luckily, there are plenty of settings in the menu that you can toggle to keep things organized. Here are our favorites and suggestions.

Narrator and subtitles

Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s filled with rugged outlaws who spend much of their time talking to each other while riding their horses. While Cowboy Aaron Sorkin is entertaining, all you usually see is the backs of their heads, and trying to figure out which gruff outlaw is speaking can be very confusing.


Micah is easy to remember because he’s the worst.
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Navigate to in your settings menu Settings > Displaythen scroll down and activate The subtitles Y Subtitle speaker name. This will add the speaker’s name to the subtitles. It might sound like silly advice, but it really is the best way we’ve found to keep everyone in our heads (and just learn their names).

hearts and status symbols

Kernels are a confusing part of Red Dead Redemption 2 – so much so that we write a lot about it in our guide for hearts. Keeping track of the condition of your cores and rings (or rods) is something that takes a little work to understand.

Fury Settings > Displaythen scroll down and change status symbols a Static, which makes your cores visible (rather than contextual) around your minimap at all times. Not only will it remind you that they are there to manage, but it will also make you think about how to use them.



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We don’t have advice on what to customize, but it’s important to know that you have options. Your minimap (or “radar”, like Red Dead Redemption 2 he names it) gives you lots of information about your immediate surroundings, from corpses you haven’t looted yet to places where your hunting trophy fell and shops nearby, but it takes the “mini” out of his names and it can be difficult to see what is there. walk

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more immersive experience, this mini-map is a little distracting. Also, NPCs will change their dialogue to refer to landmarks to make sure you don’t get lost.

Hold down the directional pad while playing. You have four options for your mini-map.

  • compass. This only shows you the direction you are going, not what is around you.
  • advanced. Your mini-map (and the icons on it) are all larger. This option also makes the basic icons slightly larger.
  • Usual. This is the standard size.
  • At the bus stop. Choose this one for a fully immersive experience.

The obvious

Finally go Settings > Controls and change reverse vision to On, because what animal doesn’t play like that?!

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