Understanding Nioh’s region screen

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After defeating the Demon Island boss, you will find a new interface: the region screen. Here you can select a new quest, subquest, or dawn quest to tackle, or you can visit your starting point.

  • Homework are your footprints in the main story.
  • presentations they are smaller, shorter (and more difficult) missions in areas you have already cleared.
  • Twilight Missions they are difficult challenges with high risk and high rewards. These also take place in quest locations that you previously cleared, but are much, much more difficult.
  • Point This is your base of operations. We’ll go into more detail on that below.

mission levels


Homework, submissions Y twilight missions Everyone has a mission level. Presumably this is the minimum recommended character level you need to reach before trying it out. Reaching the minimum level is essentially suicide. you will want to be at least a few levels higher than the quest level. And we can say from experience that five to 10 levels up makes a mission much more manageable but still challenging.


Starting point is your base of operations for a region. It’s like a shrine, but bigger: while a shrine allows you to prepare for battle, your starting point is where you prepare for war.

Your starting point allows you to improve William’s stats, buy new gear or improve your existing one, practice your techniques (technique is jutsu in Japanese – now he doesn’t learn anything from video games, Breast?) or help your fellow Williamsmen in their battles.


  • dig It’s the sanctuary you know and love, with the same options. We talk about it in our nioh Beginner’s Guide where you can read all about your options in a shrine, what they do and how to use them to prepare for your battles.
  • blacksmith It is used to craft and upgrade equipment. And the haircuts. There is a lot going on in blacksmithing and we go into the details in our blacksmithing department.
  • dojo This is the same dojo you visited between the Tower of London and Island of Demons missions. You can practice combat and refresh your memory for all the rusty concepts.
  • Torii Gate it’s the flip side of the shrine summoning option. Go here to make yourself available for online co-op.
  • hidden tea room is the center for niohClan battles (a different method of online play) and another shop with different items, weapons and character customization options than the Blacksmith. It is unlocked after completing the Spider’s Nest Castle quest.
  • Deposit is your inventory overflow. Some items are automatically transferred here (e.g. elixirs).
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