Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ‘Avery’s Descent’ treasures and collectibles locations guide


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In this Unexplored 4: one Thief‘send to Guide, we’ll help you find it two treasures inside Chapter 19 “Avery’s Descent”.

We have organized our guides by chapter. To find the chapter name, go to the main menu. If you decide to continue your story game, you will see the number and name of the chapter. (Unlike previous games, the chapter name isn’t part of your save file.) In the same menu, you can make sure you haven’t missed any collectibles in the chapter selection Possibility.

Chapter 19 leads Nate and Elena out of New Devon through Avery’s secret tunnel.

no card inside Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndSo for each of the following collectibles, we used photo mode to zoom out and give you context around the treasure locations. Use the images to ensure you are in the correct area and the added arrows to help you find your way.

[Treasure] Location of the old stone boat

From the beginning of the chapter, follow Shoreline’s footsteps through Avery’s escape tunnel. Once you run out of wires (and your flashlight’s battery) you’ll fly over the roof and uncover evidence of Avery’s insanity. And then you find the exploding corpse traps.


Finding place of the ancient stone vessel.
Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

Continue until Nate slides down a rocky cliff (into more exploding corpses) and complains about earplugs. There is a corpse in this room that you can examine to your right. Enter the tunnel to the left of this mummy and jump down to the lower level. Turn around where you just came from and the old stone vessel it will be on the left.

[Treasure] Mughal Decorative Club Location


Mughal decorative billet treasure trove.
Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

After a series of gunfights and body blasting on the shore, you fall into Avery’s jaw room. Right after that, you’ll find a Skeleton Key, followed by a pile of exploding corpses. When you get to three of the four spooky mermaid statues (figureheads?), go down the tunnel on the left. the Mughal Decorative Club it’s in a few barrels right.


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