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What better DIY on a rainy day than a paper plate umbrella? This one even has a few small raindrops!

Since they need to be carefully threaded onto the yarn, this makes this craft a great fine motor activity for your kids!


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It’s fun to play outside on a rainy day (puddles are hard to resist no matter your age!), but when it’s raining heavily, with cold, strong winds, it’s certainly more appealing to stay inside.

But you can still celebrate the rain and raindrops by making an umbrella.

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This craft umbrella is made from a paper plate, but you can also use construction paper to make one.


How to DIY an Umbrella Paper Plate

What do you need:

  • paper plate
  • blue beads (hama beads, beads etc.)
  • paint (or marker)
  • white thread (thread…)
  • Glue (low temperature glue gun, clear tape, etc.)
  • Black marker
  • to brush
  • scissors


Cut off the bottom half of your plate and set aside for the handle.


Cut the bottom of your largest plate in an inverted shell pattern for the bottom of your umbrella.


Using your black marker, draw several lines from the top center of your umbrella connecting to each point on the bottom of the umbrella and outlining the outside of your umbrella.

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Paint each section of the umbrella a different color and let dry.



Cut out the bottom of the panel you set aside for an umbrella handle and glue it to the bottom center of the back of the umbrella.

Cut about 7 pieces of 10 inch twine and tie 4-5 blue beads on each strand and double the bottom row knot on each strand.


Turn the screen panel over and carefully tape each string to the bottom points of the screen. You can use a glue gun or clear tape.


Your umbrella paper plate craft is complete!


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