Twitch will now use an ‘investigative partner’ for off-platform misconduct


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On Wednesday, Twitch announced an expansion of its hateful behavior and harassment policy to include off-platform behavior. A blog post from the company said it uses an “external investigation partner” to assist Twitch’s internal team with investigations and to help enforce off-platform violations.

According to the Twitch post, the new partner is an “experienced investigative law firm” who will help the company “conduct further investigations and respond to reports of off-duty wrongdoing.” The post not only added sheer numbers to the team investigating incident reports, but also shared that there will be a dedicated email address for people to report “serious and improper crimes.”

While disciplining users for off-platform behavior is nothing new to Twitch (inappropriate off-platform behavior has resulted in bans since 2018), this addition will strengthen existing policies that the company began enforcing in January 2018. 2020. Before the announcement, it was unclear how the company would deal with off-platform violations.

The post focused on two categories of out-of-order apps:

First category: Someone is being harassed on Twitch, as well as Outside the contraction. In this case, we will consider verifiable off-service behavior or comments related to an incident on Twitch. For example, when reviewing a report of harassment related to an incident that occurred live, ongoing or related harassment on Twitter may be considered if reported to us. This is how our current out-of-service policy works in the vast majority of cases, and it will not change.

Category two: We will now enforce penalties for serious violations that pose a significant risk to the safety of the Twitch community. even if these actions take place entirely outside of Twitch.

Enforcement of the newly expanded law will target some of the “most heinous types of physical and mental harm” including, but not limited to: deadly violence and violent extremism, engaging in or abetting non-consensual sexual activity and/or sexual acts. sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Twitch has long struggled with toxicity associated with its platform, even attempting to positively showcase color artists on the platform. Personalities and community members involved in homophobic comments, racial slurs and gestures, and sexist comments are areas that Twitch has attempted to address over the years with mixed results.

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