Twin Memories: Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath shrines walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The two sanctuaries of She Vanier Y Shee Venath inside duel picks sheEUR rightgion They are a little different from other shrines: there are no physics-based or rune-based puzzles to solve. All you have to do is visit both shrines and remember what you see.

Here’s the spoiler: you have to make Shee Venath’s floor look like Shee Vaneer’s floor and vice versa. We’ll walk you through how to figure this out yourself, or you can just skim and jump to the end where we’ve drawn the solution.

  1. Go to the Shee Vaneer – it’s the one on the south side of the river, high up on the cliff. After taking the elevator, turn left. Climb onto the platform to get a look at the ground. Take a screenshot or draw yourself (or scroll down a bit). The design of the balls in the bowls you see here is how you want Shee Venath to look like the ground.
  2. Take the elevator back and exit Shee Vaneer and paragliding across the river to Shee Venath, which lies to the north and a little to the west, and at a lower elevation.
  3. Take the lift to Shee Venath and turn right. Climb onto the platform to take a look at the ground here. Take another screenshot or draw another picture (or scroll down) – this is the solution you need for Shee Vaneer.
  4. Drop to the ground and start moving the balls to match Shee Vaneer’s appearance when you arrive.
  5. When the door opens, go inside. Turn left, go up the stairs and take your spirit ball.
  6. When you come out, cross the river again and head back up the cliff to Shee Vaneer. Check your map and quickly return to the Shee Vaneer to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Head down the elevator and rearrange the balls to match your Shee Venath screenshot.
  7. The ladder is on your right this time as the door opens. Get your hard earned spirit ball.

Shee-Venath solution

This is the activated shell design you see inside She Vanier. You have to accommodate the balls Shee Venath to assert in this way spirit ball.

The SheeVaneer solution

This is the activated shell design you see inside Shee Venath. You have to accommodate the balls She Vanier to assert in this way spirit ball.

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