Top 5 Yorkie Haircut Styles

want fantasy Do you have a lot of free time to get ready? Then this could be the style for you!

The Yorkie Show Cut is elegant with long, luxurious curls and a high bun. This is the style the breed typically wears at dog shows sponsored by the American Kennel Club, which is why it’s considered the quintessential Yorkie cut.

Although it’s not very common except in show dogs because it requires a lot of grooming. Just be aware that you will be spending a lot of time brushing them, washing their coats, and untangling those tangles.

This cut is another popular option, especially during the summer months. This haircut features very short hair on the body with slightly longer hair on the legs, tail and head.

The mustache and ears are trimmed to about half an inch, and the sideburns are trimmed to look neat and clean (and ready to walk in the sun!).

Whatever cut you choose for your Yorkie, we know that their amazing crest is part of what makes this breed so much fun to own. It’s up to you to decide which style suits your personality best and which one suits your lifestyle, family and wallet the best.

Does your dog not like being brushed?

Many dogs like to be brushed, but not all. And if they didn’t get much practice with it as a pup, they might be suspicious when you first introduce them to the brush. A slow approach to brushing with positive, non-threatening interactions tends to result in a smoother grooming routine. Here’s how to get your dog to accept and maybe even enjoy brushing:

  1. Before you even put the brush on the coat, let your pup become comfortable with the tool. Start by laying the brush on the floor and tossing quality treats around and on it to encourage your dog to explore the fun new object at his speed.
  2. Just reaching for your dog with the brush can startle some dogs. Next, stretch the brush so that it very lightly touches your dog’s body with the edge of the bristles. Every time you bring the brush closer, you immediately perform a quality treatment. Be very careful (and take your time if necessary) when brushing your ears, legs, and genitals.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable with step 2, continue brushing the coat. Start slow, alternating each puff with a treat. Over time, you’ll make progress by pressing harder and brushing multiple strokes in a row.




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