Top 100 Boy Dog Names

Young dog names can be difficult to choose. Whether it’s a boyish, handsome boy name, something tough, or a unique piece, it has to be perfect. Choosing the best dog names, like choosing the perfect dog sitter, is a fun and important task for all pet owners. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some great options for you.

From Apollo to Tank, Buddy to Tyson, Boomer to Samson, and everything in between, scoured its database to uncover the most popular male dog names in America. If you’re already a pet owner, make sure your pup’s name is on the list!

Top 100 Dog Names For Boys

These are the most popular male dog names in the Rover database.

  1. Max.
  2. charlie
  3. Milo
  4. groom
  5. Rocky
  6. Wear
  7. Lion
  8. duke
  9. teddy bear
  10. fatigue
  11. good looking
  12. oliver
  13. James
  14. Winston
  15. Olli
  16. Tobi
  17. jax
  18. blue
  19. Finnish
  20. Luis
  21. Murphy
  22. Loki
  23. pulse
  24. Gus
  25. Bruno
  26. ace
  27. Apollo
  28. strand
  29. archie
  30. kobe
  31. Enrique
  32. Thor
  33. simba
  34. researcher
  35. outer wall
  36. diesel
  37. James
  38. Luck
  39. age
  40. Otis
  41. Jackson
  42. benny
  43. jasper
  44. Smooth
  45. Oscar
  46. bandit
  47. t rex
  48. ventilation
  49. Riley
  50. Baxter
  51. cody
  52. coconut
  53. rocco
  54. tank
  55. The prince
  56. Save on computer
  57. king
  58. marley
  59. roscoe
  60. I sat
  61. Oakley
  62. copper
  63. apparatus
  64. hunt
  65. Luke
  66. boomers
  67. Bruce
  68. Frank
  69. Luck
  70. oxide
  71. Hunter
  72. ozzy
  73. Tyson
  74. Romeo
  75. Rudi
  76. Mac
  77. bouba
  78. peanut
  79. Kai
  80. Chicko
  81. Joey
  82. Atlas
  83. goose
  84. Samson
  85. boss
  86. Levi
  87. titanium
  88. Frank
  89. Axel
  90. Dumb
  91. Spirit
  92. brady
  93. clever
  94. cosmos
  95. Chester
  96. chip
  97. Wally
  98. rufous
  99. script
  100. Luis

Dog name inspirational video

Find out how real dog owners chose names for their pets in this cute video.

cool names for dogs

  1. On the rise and still trending, these names are very trendy right now.
  2. I send
  3. type of venomous snake
  4. diors
  5. Go
  6. sprayed
  7. Herbert
  8. Drown
  9. Rigatoni
  10. Get out

20 Misleading Dog Names

These names exude strength and power. They are suitable for strong and small fighting dog breeds.

  1. ajax
  2. Atlas
  3. flame
  4. Dumb
  5. captain
  6. End
  7. diesel
  8. greyed
  9. Gunnar
  10. Harley
  11. Hercules
  12. Legend
  13. dissident
  14. maximum
  15. Samson
  16. tank
  17. Thor
  18. titanium
  19. Tyson
  20. Zeus

Food for male dogs

Dog food and drink names are on the rise. Check out these yummy baby food names handpicked by real dog owners.

  1. pepper
  2. ventilation
  3. peanut
  4. whiskey
  5. cracker
  6. lump
  7. Guinness
  8. Eleven
  9. giggles
  10. tacos

The best part of dog food is called? You can find all kinds of customizable collars with prints to match your dog’s name.

Dog names with double names

Ranked by popularity on

  1. bam bam
  2. Charlie Brown
  3. jack jack
  4. teddy bear
  5. tater sat
  6. Little man
  7. gus gus
  8. Bruce Wayne
  9. teddy
  10. Scooby Doo
  11. boo boo
  12. Willy Nelson
  13. peanut butter
  14. Great guy
  15. little biggies
  16. rudimentary-doo
  17. Winnie Pooh
  18. Kylo Ren
  19. Han Solo
  20. jack daniels
  21. pork chop
  22. a little
  23. Koda Bear
  24. bear bear
  25. brown buster
  26. Nameless
  27. Mr cucumbers
  28. Johnny Cash
  29. Short

Top 10 Gentleman Dog Names

Along with the increase in human names for dogs, we are seeing many ancient and/or ancient names in our dog data.

These distinguished “grandpa” dog names are as charming as they are sophisticated. They’re particularly popular with breeds like the French Bulldog and Schnauzer, but they’re certainly a great choice for any dog.

  1. oliver
  2. Winston
  3. George
  4. Walter
  5. Luis
  6. Franklin
  7. Stanley
  8. Sebastian
  9. Theodore
  10. percy

Nature’s Top 10 Male Dog Names

These names are especially popular with huskies, pointers, retrievers, and dogs.

  1. The shade
  2. aspen
  3. Smoked
  4. Flow
  5. Storm
  6. frame
  7. thunder
  8. snow
  9. Red lingonberry
  10. midnight

Male naming trends

We’re noticing some interesting trends, such as the rise of names like Cooper, Dexter, and Tucker, as well as mythological names like Thor, Odin, Loki, and Zeus.

The classics are still popular, of course, from the cute Max and Charlie to the strong Rocky and Duke. All have ranked in the top ten.

human names for dogs

Dogs are considered family members, so human names They have become very popular for pets. These days you’re more likely to run into a golden retriever with a human name like Dylan than one like Fido. You’ll see this in our list of the best male dog names: Six of the top ten are human names.

Your new dog could be an Eddie, a Theo, a Max or a Kobe, an Ozzy or a Bosco. From cute dog names like Taz or Otis to Irish picks like Murphy and Logan, the sky is the limit when it comes to giving your dog a traditional “human name.”

humor is another popular source of dog name inspiration: Sir Barkley and Muttley Crue are puppy names in our database.

A Great Dane named Chico? An American bulldog named Sparky? A puppy named Rocket? Why not?

Lately, dog breeds sometimes they shape the naming choices of dogs. Huskies often have Alaskan-style names like Juneau, while gun dogs can have a “country name” like Dallas or Tucker. Retrievers love the water, so a water dog name could suit your new Lab or Golden. We love Ocean, Jacques and Captain.

choose a name

Puppy names can be inspired by anything from food to pop culture to nature.

The most important thing is that you like the name. Every time you say it, you should feel a little spark of happiness. “This is my dog!”

Try calling your best options, like calling your new dog to dinner, coming back to you at the dog park, or following your cues at puppy nursery.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, don’t forget to properly identify your pet to protect them (we love these customizable labels from Etsy with unicorns on label prints).

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