Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

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The miracles of little Tina It’s similar to other Borderlands games, but there are many differences that can make life difficult for you.

You join Tiny Tina in a wonderful Bunkers & Badasses campaign where your ultimate goal is to stop the Dragon Lord from conquering Wonderland. With 15 total multiclass combinations, it’s a bit difficult to even think about stopping the Dragonlord. Before playing a role in his first campaign in The miracles of little TinaWe’ve put together a beginner’s guide full of tips and tricks to make things easier for you.

Different names, same properties

The miracles of little Tina It’s an indie game, but it’s still Borderlands. Many features are coming back under new names, and some work a little differently. Grenades are now spells and rely on cooldowns instead of ammo. Class mods are back as armor and any class can equip them. However, skill tree mods only work if the armor is for your class. Anointings are now known as Enchantments and have been slightly modified.

Borderlands Weaponsmiths is back too The miracles of little Tina under new names. Use the information below to see the Armorer’s name changes.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Gunsmith name changes

Manufacturer reference Tiny Tina Wonderland Creator weapon trait
Manufacturer reference Tiny Tina Wonderland Creator weapon trait
dahl dahlia Includes alternate fire modes
Hyperion hyperius Accuracy increases the more you shoot and has a shield when you aim down the sights.
Jacobs black powder Bullets bounce off your head and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.
boredom lower When you reload, throw your weapon and it may explode or transform
Torgue Torgue (no change) explosive ammunition
Vladof driver high rate of fire
continue Skuldugger Magazine size now matches full ammo capacity, but the weapon will overheat if fired for too long.

Stay in the action

Lots of changes in quality of life. The miracles of little Tina allow you to stay in action.

For example, you can now draw chests, melee attack and knockdown to open chests, and these alternatives can help you mid-fight. You can also open multiple chests at once and deal damage to your enemies. However, be careful with some chests as they can turn into mimic chests.

If you’re falling and tapping “save your soul” (formerly known as “fight for your life” in other Borderlands games), you can now use your spells while you’re down. This is useful when you’re low on ammo and need that extra damage to get a second wind. It is available to all classes with no prerequisites other than having a spell equipped.


Image: Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Inside border areas 3, the vending machines added a feature that allows you to reload all your ammo at the touch of a button. Inside The miracles of little Tina, you can still reload ammo, but now you can also sell your junk. Mark your items as junk in your inventory for a quick sale.

Experiment with your updates

With the addition of the multiclass system and hero points, there are many possible builds The miracles of little Tina. With six classes, there are 15 possible class combinations. Each class has a class talent, two action skills, and a skill tree, but multiclassing gives you access to both. Class talents are passive abilities, and action abilities are freely interchangeable.

However, skill trees cost some money to respect and refund all assigned skill points. If you don’t like an upgraded skill, you can respect your skill trees and try your other skills. If you don’t like the subclass you’ve chosen, you can switch classes after completing the main story for even more variety in building.

Hero Points are a new addition that alter your Destiny Maker’s attributes. Similar to a tabletop roleplaying game, The miracles of little Tina allows you to change your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, and Destiny Attunement. Don’t worry if you made a mistake in allocating your hero points, as you can respect those points at the beginning of the story.

Complete challenges for permanent benefits.

Challenges were a good source of XP in previous Borderlands games, but they’re more important in The miracles of little Tina. Challenges can now grant your Fatemaker permanent buffs such as B. increased loot chances and hero points. There are many hidden challenges in Wonderland, from finding hidden collectibles to battling a mini-boss.


Image: Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

One challenge is the Lucky Dice, a bright orange 20-sided die that drops loot when activated. The loot you get depends on what you get from interacting with the cube. These lucky dice also increase your loot chances for the duration of the game. So the more lucky dice you find, the better your loot.

You can track your challenges in the Progress section of your menu’s Map tab, and you can check your benefits on the right side of your menu’s Log tab.

Switch between damage types

Dealing a lot of damage is what The miracles of little Tina is about. In order to deal as much damage as possible, you must switch between elements depending on the enemy.

There are five types of elemental damage: Fire, poison, flash, FreezeY black magic. They each have their own health type that they work best against. Fire ignites flesh (red health bars), poison corrodes armor (yellow health bars), lightning strikes shields (blue health bars), and frost freezes bones (white health bars). Dark Magic deals reduced damage to all health types, but drains health from enemies to heal you.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands elemental damage values

type of damage Meat (red health bar) Armor (yellow health bar) shield (blue health bar) Bone (white health bar)
type of damage Meat (red health bar) Armor (yellow health bar) shield (blue health bar) Bone (white health bar)
Physically 100% 100% 100% 100%
Fire 125% 95% 95% 90% | 80% | 70%
poison 95% 125% 90% | 80% | 70% 95%
flash 95% 90% | 80% | 70% 175% 95%
Freeze 90% | 80% | 70% 95% 95% 115%
black magic 90% 90% 90% 90%

Key: Relaxed | Balanced | intense difficulty

Redeem team codes for gifts

Team codes are an easy way to earn rewards The miracles of little Tina. In previous Borderlands games, Shift Codes provided Golden Keys and unlocked new Vault Hunter skins, and the same is expected The miracles of little Tina. Golden Keys can be used for Golden Chests, which contain rare weapons, armor, wards, and spells. Golden Keys are not an unlimited resource, so use them sparingly.

Be careful with social media exchange codes as developers occasionally post these codes on their social media accounts. You can redeem your Squad Codes on the Redeem Squad Codes page or in the Social tab of the in-game menu.

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