The Very Best Puppy Training Treats

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Are you welcoming a new puppy into your home? You will need a lot of goodies! Puppy Training Treats are a must for reward-based dog training. And healthy treats can be a helpful addition to your growing pup’s diet.

You can make plenty of homemade training treats like these Salmon Swirl Bites if you’re ambitious, but if you’re busy (especially with a new pup in the house), read on. We checked online reviews, talked to friends, and incorporated our personal experiences to come up with the best puppy training treats.

The best treats for puppy training

Wellness offers a full line of all-natural, American-made dog foods and treats. Soft Puppy Bites are specially formulated for puppies, with easily digestible proteins and DHA to support their development.

Why we love them:

  • Perfect size, soft and plush, perfect for teething puppies.
  • Small bites allow for quick processing during training
  • Contains only high-quality, all-natural ingredients with no corn, soy, or artificial colors or flavors.
soft bites for puppies

soft bites for puppies

These grain-free treats are made in the USA with all-natural, wholesome ingredients.

Freeze-dried liver is a classic dog training treat. It’s considered a “premium” treat, meaning you can remove it if your pup needs a little extra encouragement. It’s also great for picky eaters who need to gain weight as they age. Simply mash up some freeze-dried liver and sprinkle it over your regular meal to tickle your taste buds.

Why we love them:

  • A reliable training classic; We have never met a dog who doesn’t like them
  • The light, freeze-dried treats are easy to break into small pieces for training.
  • Only one ingredient means no fillers and they are gluten free.
Liver Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Stewart Freeze Dried Liver Dog Treats

A classic one-ingredient workout treat with no fillers.

Fish protein can be a great option for puppies with sensitive stomachs. These smooth workout treats from Blue Buffalo are packed with salmon, omega-3s and fatty acids. Plus, these puppy treats contain DHA to support cognitive development – food for your growing dog’s brain!

Why we love them:

  • Small, sweet treats are perfect for training
  • Salmon and omega-3 fatty acids promote a healthy, shiny coat
  • No artificial colours, flavors or preservatives
Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Salty Salmon Dog Training Treats

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Salted Salmon Dog Training Treats

Ideal for sensitive tummies, these morsels are packed with nutritious salmon.

Like some of the other treats on our puppy treats list, these are not exclusive to puppies. But mild and delicate jerky is gentle on puppies’ teeth. And these treats are naturally grain-free, making them a healthy addition to your dog’s diet.

Why we love them:

  • The all-natural formula contains only high-quality ingredients and contains no wheat or artificial colors.
  • Manufactured in EE.UU.
  • Easy to tear or cut into even smaller pieces for workouts
Wellness Core Pure Rewards Jerky Bites

Wellness Core Pure Rewards Jerky Bites

Break these grain-free treats into small pieces to train puppies, a treat that will be given again and again.

If your pup loves crunch, he’ll love these mini dog biscuits. They’re baked and packed with delicious protein and fiber, like chicken, apples and carrots. Keep a few in your bag for a quick treat when your pup does something nice.

Why we love them:

  • The mini size is perfect for puppy mouths.
  • A crunchy alternative to soft puppy treats.
  • It can be split in half for even smaller workout treats, or offered full size as a special snack.
Classic puppy biscuits from Old Mother Hubbard

Classic puppy biscuits from Old Mother Hubbard

These crunchy baked treats are for mini sized puppies only.

Looking for a slightly less meaty workout treat? These little fluffy snacks will do the trick. With peanut butter and oatmeal, these treats from Zuke are corn, wheat, and soy-free.

Why we love them:

  • Made in the USA with healthy, natural ingredients.
  • Less than three calories per treat
  • Ideal for training as they don’t get dirty and don’t leave your hands smelling of meat.
Zuke's Mini Naturals Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Workout Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Workout Treats

Made in the USA, these mini treats get their protein from peanut butter.

Buy chewable

This Stuff’n Easy treat is marketed as a Kong filling, and it’s great for that. But it also makes a perfect puppy training gift. The single spout lets you control how much comes out at once. Pour some directly into your pup’s mouth during training, or sprinkle around the house for scent training or distraction training. And of course, as a Kong filler, it will keep your pup entertained.

Why we love it:

  • The chicken liver flavor is tasty and easy on the puppy tummy.
  • Don’t overload; just jet and go
  • It’s a new texture that makes it a cheap workout treat.
Kong Stuff'n Easy Treat Puppy Recipe

Kong Stuff’n Easy Treat Puppy Recipe

Not just for the Kongs. Control the amount of treats your pup has with an easy-to-use spout.

These freeze-dried treats are ideal for dogs of all ages. Each cracker is coated with real raw meat from caged ducks and cooked in small batches. Break these treats up into training bites and stimulate your pup’s internal feeding.

Why we love them:

  • Made in the USA with responsibly sourced, cage-free duck (key ingredient)
  • Without the addition of hormones, fillers and artificial preservatives.
  • Each treat contains less than three calories.
Stella and Chewy's Coated Raw Biscuits Cage-Free Duck Recipe Freeze-Dried Grain-Free Dog Treats

Stella and Chewy’s Coated Raw Biscuits Cage-Free Duck Recipe Freeze-Dried Grain-Free Dog Treats

These freeze-dried treats are made in the USA with wholesome ingredients.

Budget for puppy treatments

According to our Pet Training Costs survey, the average dog owner can spend anywhere from $60 to $270 a year on treats. If you’re worried about falling at the higher end of this range, help the treats go further and don’t ruin your pup’s appetite for dinner by breaking the treats into smaller pieces.

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