The Surge guide: Rogue Process boss fight

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The malicious process is the rise is Final boss and fight in two phases. Once you’ve loaded the virus into the rocket and lowered the barrier, head towards the infected area. Go to the charging station and charge it to start the fight.

level 1

When the battle begins, a giant metal mess transforms into a beast. The Rogue Process has multiple members, each glowing bluish/white. The goal here is to destroy these pieces one by one to restore the rogue process and remove the station block.


Dodge the big boss attacks and try to sneak behind the imposing crowd. Move up the limbs as much as you can until the Rogue Process stops all movement for a while. It’s a powerful AoE attack payout that deals massive damage if you get caught. Land as many hits as possible before dodging.

The more red the Rogue Process gets, the more aggressive it becomes. They also have fewer attack points. Stay away from the boss and quickly complete the field after his attack. Take a few more punches and jump again. When the boss has around 1/3 health, it’s all red.

Once the Rogue Process is untargeted, go to the center console and overload.


stage 2


Overloading the system causes the boss to lose almost all of its mass. The Rogue Process will return to the arena as a small human enemy. This boss form moves much faster, so watch out for quick combos.

Fight this boss like any other enemy. Stay as far away as possible and give him a good slap whenever you get a chance. Be patient. If you take that hit all at once, the Rogue Process will eventually stop and it’s game over.

congratulations on the win the rise.


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