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the riseFirebug is one of the toughest fights in the game. After going through all of the toxic waste in area two, you’ll find a large room. Go inside and prepare for a fight. It’s time to kill the damn robot you’ve been following since the beginning of the game.


The boss will begin to hover slightly above the ground. He will use his six different arms as weapons. Firebug will most likely start the fight by slowly spinning and hovering towards you. Dodge until it stops.

Once you have an opening, block a branch and smack it. Back out as fast as you can and put some distance between you and the boss. Be careful not to be too greedy. Keep attacking the same arm until it collapses. The lock will now move to the joint. Attack until it breaks.

Repeat this process until the Firebug has only three limbs.


Once three limbs have been removed, the Firebug will fly high in the air and locate itself. Things will go much faster now and the boss will start attacking you from the other side of the room. This charge is lethal to weaker armor types, so be sure to follow it.


From now on, use vertical hits when attacking the boss. The remaining arms protect the central brain underneath the robot. Dodge Firebug’s attacks and remove limbs like you did before. Attack the central brain as often as you can without getting too greedy.


During the fight, Firebug will try to crush you with his arms and body. Its flame jets are also very dangerous. The boss covers a burning area or shoots a stream towards you. Avoid the fire at all costs by staying away from or standing directly on the boss.

Once you destroy the brain, the Firebug will no longer exist.


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