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the rise is a game that bears its influences openly. If you have played games like dark souls, blood borne or even the latest game from developer Deck 13, lords of the deadYou should be fairly familiar with most of the game’s systems.

In the Polygon Guides we teach you everything you need to know the risethe level system as well as tips and tricks to beat the fight and stay alive, as well as the unique level system.

Finally, as we wrote in our review, the riseBoss fights are notable challenges, so we also have guides to help you defeat each of the bosses in the game.

game instructions

  • 10 tips for the rise to keep you alive
  • Combat: Beating the system on your own is the only way to win.

  • Upgrade: nuclear power, implants and tech junk.

pattern guide

  • Peace
  • arson
  • older sister 1/3
  • black cerberus
  • malicious process

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